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Promotions for July 2014

For ALL Asian Buffets from $7.80/pax onwards

Cup Cakes Galore! *
For International menus above $20/pax and above, receive complimentary Cup Cakes.

Tea Time Treats! *
Free Delivery for ANY menu orders above $15.80/pax delivered from between 1pm to 4pm (Mondays to Fridays).

Free Complimentary Cup Cakes *
Order a Baby Full Month Buffet Package and get complimentary Cup Cakes.

Snap & Share via WhatsApp
Get a $30 return F&B voucher to be used with your next order. Send your pictures to 9857-9292 now!
* Promotions cannot be inter-linked. Only 1 (one) promotion package can be chosen for each buffet order.
* Subject to terms & conditions.

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Don’t roast in your kitchen, host and make your guests feel important and enjoy the celebrations.
We believe that when you have a special occasion to celebrate, food may be a concern, but it should NOT be the main concern. You should host – entertaining and mingling with your guest – and share the joys of the season or the anniversary.

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We cater to the following events:
Baby Showers and Birthdays
Buffet & International Buffet
Corporate Luncheons & Tea
Full-Day Corporate Seminar Packages
Executive Lunch Meals (Bento)
Lunch Boxes/ Packet Meal
Festive Holiday Celebrations
Product & Road Show Launches
Mini Buffet (for 12pax)
Tea Receptions
Cocktail Receptions
Wedding Reception
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