Bbq Cum Buffet

To place a catering order for the Bbq Cum Buffet menu category that you have selected:

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  • You can further select food items within each menu option
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Menu NameMin PaxPrice
Bbq Cum Buffet $15.80/pax ($17.06 w/ GST) 50$15.80
Bbq Cum Buffet $20.80/pax ($22.46 w/GST)40$20.80
Bbq Cum Buffet $25.80/pax ($27.86 w/GST)30$25.80
Bbq Cum Buffet $30.80/pax ($33.26 w/GST) 25$30.80

$15.80/per pax ($17.06 w/ GST) For Min 50pax
~9 courses including drink ~
All Dishes prepared using healthier oils - HPB Approved Caterer

COOKED FOOD (APPETIZER) Please select 1 item

COOKED FOOD (MAIN DISHES) Please select 2 items

SWEET DESSERT Please select 1 item

Beverage Please select 1 item

Good for 100pax

(Charcoal, Fire Starter, Wire Mesh etc.) Good For 30pax (1 Set)


Please note that bbQ accessories like charcoal, fire starter, lighter, wire mesh is NOT PROVIDED for this package.
If you require these items (additional $1/guest - according to your bbQ order) please indicate your request in the special instructions column in the online order form. Thank you.

We do not allow the client to cook items NOT ordered from eatz Catering Services during the course of the bbQ event.