Chinese Banquet

To place a catering order for the Chinese Banquet menu category that you have selected:

  • Select an option from the menu below if there is more than one
  • You can further select food items within each menu option
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Menu NameMin PaxPrice
Chinese Banquet A $380.00/Table ($406.60 w/GST) (Min 50 Tables)0$380.00
Chinese Banquet B $580.00/Table ($620.60 w/GST) (Min 30 Tables)0$580.00
Chinese Banquet C $680.00/Table ($941.60 w/GST) (Min 20 Tables)0$680.00

$380.00 Per Table ($406.60 w/GST) (Min 50 Tables)
(8 Couse Chinese Dinner Menu)
All dishes prepared using Healthier Oils
* All Noodles & Rice Dishes are Wholegrain
Fresh Fruits can be selected to substitute any 1 other item
Maximum of 1 items with *DF (Deep Fried) in the whole order (If any)

(Golden Scallop with Mayonnaise, Nonya Wu Xiang, Mackerel Fish Otah, Air Fried Egg Rolls, Pickled Nonya Achar)

(Vinegar & White Pepper condiments will be provided)