Hari Raya Side Orders

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Menu NameMin PaxPrice
Roasted Whole Lamb Leg Balinese Style 1pcs (2kg) 1$88.00
Roasted Lamb Leg Mediterranean Style 1pcs (2kg) 1$88.00
Ikan Bakar Bali (Balinese Grilled Snapper Fish) (500grm) 1$38.80
Ikan Bakar Kecap Manis (Sweet Sauce Grilled Snapper Fish) (500g)1$38.80
Fried Whole Seabass with Signature Tiga Rasa Sauce (1.2kg)1$68.80
Balinese Grilled Snapper Fish with Balinese Salad (1.2kg)1$68.80
Ayam Bakar Padang (Whole Chicken) 1pcs (1.2kg)1$28.80
Ayam Bakar Bali (Balinese Grilled Chicken) 1pcs (1.2kg)1$28.80
BBQ Chicken Satay with Condiments (50 sticks)1$40.00
BBQ Mutton Satay with Condiments (50 sticks)1$50.00
BBQ Chicken & Mutton Satay with Condiments (50 sticks)1$45.00
Nonya Fish Otah wrapped in Banana Leaf (30pcs)1$30.00
Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Kueh Pai Tee (50 Cups) 1$68.00
Roasted Lamb Leg (Bone in) with Vegetables & Gravy 1pcs (2kg) 1$98.00
Roasted Ribeye Beef with Vegetables & Gravy (1.2kg)1$88.00
Salmon Wellington with Creamy Spinach (1kg)1$88.00
Signature Mee Siam with Prawns, Gravy & Condiments (12pax)12$78.00
Signature Laksa with Prawns, Gravy & Condiments (12pax)12$78.00
For Kids – Pizza Cup (12pcs)1$30.00
Hari Raya Dessert - Must Try! Coconut Gula Malaka Crepes (12pcs) 1$12.80
Hari Raya Dessert - Home-made Pineapple Tart (420grm -22pcs)1$19.80
Hari Raya Dessert - Blue Pea Butterfly Tart with Berries (8pcs)1$22.80
Hari Raya Dessert - Chocolate Brownie Cookies (420grm) 1$12.80
Hari Raya Dessert - Blue Pea Signature Hari Raya Cup Cake (8pcs)1$23.80
Hari Raya Dessert - Signature Ondeh Gula Malaka Cake (1kg)1$50.00
Hari Raya Dessert - Signature Ondeh Gula Malaka Cake (500grm)1$30.00
Hari Raya Dessert - Classic Blue Pea Jelly with Vanilla (10pcs) 1$18.80
Hari Raya Dessert - Almond & Chocolate Cookies (420grm)1$13.80
Hari Raya Dessert - Cranberry Cookies (420grm)1$13.80
Hari Raya Dessert - Lychee Rose Whole Cake (1kg)1$50.00
Hari Raya Dessert - Lychee Rose Whole Cake (500grm)1$30.00