Japanese Bentos

To place a catering order for the Japanese Bentos menu category that you have selected:

  • Select an option from the menu below if there is more than one
  • You can further select food items within each menu option
  • When ready, click on the "Add to Cart" button


Menu NameMin PaxPrice
Teriyaki Chicken Set ($7.28 w/GST)10$6.80
Yakuniku Beef Set ($8.03 w/GST)10$7.50
Chicken Katsu Set ($7.28 w/GST)10$6.80
Fish Fillet Teriyaki Set ($7.28 w/GST)10$6.80
Salmon Teriyaki Set ($8.35 w/GST)10$7.80
Ebi Katsu Set ($8.03 w/GST)10$7.50

MINIMUM ORDER 20 SETS (Min 10 sets per type)