Live Station

To place a catering order for the Live Station menu category that you have selected:

  • Select an option from the menu below if there is more than one
  • You can further select food items within each menu option
  • When ready, click on the "Add to Cart" button


Menu NameMin PaxPrice
~For Orders WITHOUT Buffet Accompaniment ONLY LIVE STATION (Must Be Minimum Value of >$1,000)~0$0.00
_____________ Chinese / Peranakan Cusine _____________0$0.00
Nonya Laksa with Condiments ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Nonya Mee Siam with Condiments ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Prawns Noodles Soup ($6.48 w/ GST)100$6.00
Nonya Chicken Curry with Potatoes with Banquettes ($5.94 w/ GST)100$5.50
Lotus Vegetarian Bee Hoon with Side Dishes ($4.32 w/GST)100$4.00
Wok Fried Hokkien Noodles with Seafood ($5.94 w/GST)100$5.50
Signature! Indonesian Nasi Kuning ($5.94 w/ GST)100$5.50
Famous Hawker Style Fried Carrot Cake (Black) ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Dim Sum Combo ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Hawker Style Char Kway Teow with Chinese Sausage ($5.40 w/ GST)100$5.00
Singapore Seafood Hor Fun ($6.48 w/GST)100$6.00
Roasted Chicken Rice ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Smoked Duck Crepes ($4.32 w/ GST)100$4.00
Chilli Crab Sauce with Deep Fried Mantou ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Nonya Kueh Pie Tee (Suitable for Vegetarian) ($4.32 w/ GST) 100$4.00
Nonya Popiah (Suitable for Vegetarian) ($4.32 w/ GST)100$4.00
_____________ Malay Cusine _____________ 0$0.00
Mee Rebus with Gravy ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Hawker Style Fruit Rojak ($4.86 w/ GST) 100$4.50
Mee Soto Ayam Soup ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Sayur Lemak Lontong with Gravy ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Kampong Grilled Chicken Satay ($7.56 w/GST)100$7.00
_____________ Indian Cusine _____________ 0$0.00
Putu Mayam (Suitable for Vegetarian) ($2.70 w/ GST)200$2.50
Roti Prata with Curry Dip (Suitable for Vegetarian) ($4.86 w/GST)100$4.50
Freshly – Flipped Prata (Subject to availability) ($8.64 w/GST)100$8.00
Teh Tarik ($3.78 w/ GST)150$3.50
_____________ Western Cuisine _____________ 0$0.00
Kebab wrapped with Tortilla ($6.48 w/ GST)100$6.00
Popcorn Chicken ($4.32 w/ GST)100$4.00
Chicken Burger (Vegetarian Burger Option is available) ($5.40 w/GST)100$5.00
Sausage Grill ($6.48 w/ GST)100$6.00
Hot Dog Bun ($3.78 w/GST)100$3.50
Italian Pasta ($6.48 w/GST)100$6.00
Fremantle Fish & Chips ($10.80 w/GST)100$10.00
Roast New Zealand Ribeye Carving ($9.72 w/GST)100$9.00
Roasted Signature Kambing Bakar (Lamb) ($9.72 w/ GST)100$9.00
Herb Crusted Norwegian Salmon ($10.80 w/GST)100$10.00
_____________ Sweet Treats (Dessert) _____________ 0$0.00
Pisang Goreng ($3.24w/ GST)100$3.00
Pisang Keju ($4.86 w/ GST)100$4.50
Banana & Nutella Crepes (1 Week in advance) ($6.48 w/GST)100$6.00
Freshly Baked Waffles (1 Week in advance) ($6.48 w/GST)100$6.00
King’s Ice Potong ($3.24 w/GST)100$3.00
Magnolia Ice Cream Cone ($3.78 w/GST)100$3.50
Iced Chendol (Suitable for Vegetarian) ($4.86 w/ GST)100$4.50
Churros ($4.86 w/GST)100$4.50
Popcorn (Suitable for Vegetarian) ($3.24 w/ GST)100$3.00
Candy Floss (Suitable for Vegetarian) ($3.24 w/ GST) 100$3.00

• No Minimum order with Existing Buffet Order
• Minimum 2 Live Stations without buffet OR 1 Live Station with No of pax catered – Double
• Additional Charges:
o Compulsory hiring of Uniformed Chef @ ($150/chef/station) NONFESTIVE
o Compulsory hiring of Uniformed Chef @ ($200/chef/station) FESTIVE SEASON
o Assistant Uniformed Chef @ $120 /chef/station
o Service Crew on Site ($100/staff/station)
• If No Buffet is order, please enquire with our consultant