7th Month Specialties

To place a catering order for the 7th Month Specialties menu category that you have selected:

  • Select an option from the menu below if there is more than one
  • You can further select food items within each menu option
  • When ready, click on the "Add to Cart" button


Menu NameMin PaxPrice
BUNDLE SET A $38/Set ($40.66/SET)1$38.00
BUNDLE SET B $78/set ($83.46/SET)1$78.00
BUNDLE SET C $128/SET ($136.96/SET)1$128.00
BUNDLE SET D $170/SET ($181.90/SET)1$170.00
BUFFET MENU A $11.90/pax (min 40pax) 40$11.90
BUFFET MENU B $14.90/pax (min 30 pax)30$14.90
VEGETARIAN SET @ $98/Set ($104.86 W/GST/SET)1$98.00

7th Lunar Promotion Specialties
(Available from 1st Aug - 29th Aug 2019 )
Not suitable for consumption after Long hours of praying Session