Peranakan Buffets

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Menu NameMin PaxPrice
Peranakan Buffet $16.80/pax ($17.97 w/GST) 40$16.80
Peranakan Buffet $19.80/pax ($21.18 w/GST)30$19.80
Peranakan Buffet $22.80/pax ($24.39 w/GST)25$22.80
Peranakan Buffet $27.80/pax ($29.75 w/GST)30$27.80
Peranakan Buffet $29.80/pax ($31.88 w/GST)20$29.80
Signature Peranakan Buffet $33.80/pax ($36.17 w/GST)30$33.80
Signature Peranakan Buffet $39.80/pax ($42.86 w/GST)25$39.80

$16.80/pax ($17.97 w/GST) (For Min 40 guests)
~ 8 courses including drink ~
All Dishes prepared using Healthier Oils - HPB Approved Caterer

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