Welcome The Tiger Year With Eatz Catering

It’s time to almost say goodbye to the Ox and welcome the Chinese new year the Tiger for Chinese New Year Catering 2022. Tradition and Auspicious times need the Best Chinese New Year Catering, and Halal Catering, both for Affordable Chinese New Year Catering and Chinese New Year Bento. Our Prosperity Popular Yu Sheng and Abundant Pen… Continue reading

Christmas Catering The Eatz Catering Way

Year-end celebrations are always nice with Best Christmas Catering, and it is time for Christmas Party Set! Try our Halal Bento and Christmas Bento that will impress your family and guests with our Good Christmas Catering. Here’s a list of all our Christmas Bento and Halal Bento Singapore Sets available during this Christmas Catering! Christmas Classic… Continue reading

The Authentic Indonesian Culinary Experience Comes to Your Home

Do you enjoy the distinct, authentic flavours of Indonesian cuisine? Do you love travelling and trying new recipes as a part of the experience? Unfortunately, Covid-19 has paused tourism plans, making it much more difficult to enjoy your favourite experiences. If you like Indonesian cuisine, however, you’re in luck. There are still ways to enjoy its deliciousness at home.

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