10 Delicious Corporate Buffet Catering Menu Ideas

A corporate buffet catering is usually required when businesses organise events/seminars/conferences and have planned to provide high-end refreshment to attendees. This can also come in handy during trainings, workshops, board meetings, etc. The main purpose of organising a corporate meeting or party is to strengthen your business contacts and the catering should compliment your endeavour.

The quality of food and service is as important in corporate catering as it is in social catering. You may require some creative marketing when dealing with relatively hard-headed corporate clients and a well-hosted buffet eases things a little. When employing a professional catering company like eatzCatering, there are several menu options available for a buffet. In this post, we share some examples of delicious menu items to inspire your corporate buffet:

1) Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

A wonderful protein for your table, it brings flavours of the Mediterranean with mildly-spiced chicken in a cool, creamy dill sauce. In a typical setting, the allspice, cardamom, and paprika add warmth to the chicken breast. Nutmeg is typically a dessert spice but, like the versatile cinnamon, it adds a punch resulting in a savoury combination. Between the spice mixture and the grill, the chicken breasts turn out savoury and smoky, and ready to be dipped in a delicious sauce.

The Mediterranean Grilled Chicken can be found in our Authentic Buffet Catering – Middle Eastern Buffet.

2) Barbecue Fish kebab on Skewer

Kebabs are a fantastic addition to a menu anytime. They provide a great way to enjoy meat, seafood, and vegetables on the grill. Our signature well-spiced fish kebabs are easy to make and bring a depth of flavor to any white fish, and, paprika, turmeric, chili powder, garlic, and cilantro add both colour and spice. We can serve these fish kebabs as themselves on a skewer or you could choose to have them over rice with grilled vegetables, etc.

The fish kebab can be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Deluxe Menu A.

3) Garlic Butter Prawns (De-shelled)

Butter Garlic Prawns is a favourite of seafood lovers, mostly because of its strong, arresting aroma. Despite a few anatomical differences, prawns are virtually interchangeable with shrimp in any recipe. Garlic butter composed of butter and garlic pounded into a paste is a compound butter used as a flavouring. Our signature preparation of this with well de-shelled prawns is always a delight.

The Butter Garlic Prawns can be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Deluxe Menu A.

4) Hungarian Lamb Ragout

You should definitely taste our signature Hungarian lamb stew recipes. This can be served in a delicious dish of fragrant and creamy lamb soup fused with tarragon, cooked with colourful vegetables. Sometimes, it is best prepared with cuts, which dissolve in longer cooking time, resulting in a truly melt-in-the-mouth flavoursome meat.

The Hungarian Lamb Ragout can be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Premium Menu A.

5) Medley Deluxe Mixed Vegetables

This serves as a versatile and healthy side dish at your buffet. It is an exquisite medley of your favourite vegetables all the while adding flavour and colour to every meal. Cooked with a savoury seasoning that enhances their natural goodness, it is surely a hit at Eatz Catering.

This can be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Economical Menu A.

6) Mediterranean Rice with Raisins

Once again, we recommend a Mediterranean-style dish to your buffet. The turmeric spicing gives this rice dish its vibrant golden hue. Sweet raisins and umami-rich soy sauce balance turmeric’s earthy, slightly bitter flavour, while curry powder adds nuance. We strongly recommend this to be on your buffet menu.

This can be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Deluxe Menu A.

7) Chocolate Custard Pudding with Fudge in Shooter Glass

Everyone likes a good chocolate, right? This creamy, rich and chocolaty dessert dish is a delivery straight from chocolate heaven. The fudge is a type of sugar candy that is made by mixing sugar, butter, and milk, heating it up. The mixture is beat while it cools so that it acquires a smooth, creamy consistency. Fruits, nuts, chocolate, caramel, candies, sweets and other flavours can be added either inside or on top. These sugar-rich desserts are served in glasses at the buffet.

The Chocolate Custard Pudding with Fudge in Shooter Glass can be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Premium Menu A.

8) Golden Vegetarian Salad Roll

These delicate, pastel-coloured rolls are perfect for those guests who wish to have a light meal. They make a delightfully spicy and healthy addition to your menu. You have several vegetable options to choose from here. From green vegetable rolls to spicy ones, they have an aesthetic presentation for the buffet.

This can be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Premium Menu A.

9) Deluxe Fresh Fruits Platter

One can never go wrong with fresh fruits. Deluxe fresh fruit platter is a selection of delicious fruits cut and decorated to match your occasion. They can include anything from strawberries, apples, papaya, honeydew melon, watermelon, pineapple, seedless grapes, oranges, etc. providing excellent sources of natural hydration and nutrition to your buffet offering.

The fruit platter be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Premium Menu A.

10) Refreshing Apple Juice

Healthy beverages are befitting of an outstanding corporate buffet. Refreshing, sweet and slightly tart, a glass of apple juice is rich in many nutrients. As commercially produced juices contain a lot of sugar, choose an unsweetened or natural juice to reduce the number of calories your apple juice contains. This, among many other drinks, will revitalize a guest’s appetite.

This can be found in our Corporate Seminar Catering Economical Menu A.

These menu items are guaranteed to make your buffet experience a memorable event! Contact eatz catering today!