3 Wedding Catering Problems and How to Solve Them

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about trouble with the food! That’s why it is so important to hire a wedding planner and a wedding caterer to handle your catering in Singapore— these professionals take the stress off you and your spouse-to-be while handling any problems that come up. Take a look at these three common wedding catering nightmares, and find out how a professional Singapore caterer like Eatz Catering can handle every situation.

Not Enough Food

Running out of food at your wedding would be a huge embarrassment! Imagine being partway through the reception dinner and discovering that your guests are going hungry because there is no more food to put in the serving dishes on the buffet! With Eatz Catering, you won’t have to endure this nightmare.

Every time you order food from Eatz Catering, you are asked to select a number of guests. Make sure that you take all responses into account from your invited guests, and then leave a buffer for guests who might show up without having replied to your invitations. Count kids as half portions, unless they are older than 10 years, in which case they count as adults.

After you deliver your final count and order to Eatz Catering, we will add a buffer of 10% onto that order. For example, if you order food for 50 guests, we would prepare enough for 55. If you order for 200 wedding guests, we’ll have enough food on hand to serve 220. In most cases, this buffer is enough to account for the unexpected.

Not Enough Variety

If you have a tight budget, you may be concerned that your wedding buffet catering will not be good enough. You may worry that there won’t be enough unique and tasty dishes on the buffet to tempt your guests. Let the stress go, and trust your Singapore caterer! Eatz Catering offers several delicious courses for each buffet menu. Even the cheapest options on our menus include appetizers, several main dishes, drinks, and dessert. Your guests will be well fed, with plenty of tasty options from which to choose.

You can view all our menu options at our website, including our special wedding packages. If you have concerns or questions, contact us during our regular hours and we’ll be happy to discuss the menu with you. A tight budget shouldn’t keep you from giving your guests a fine spread of food at your wedding. With our creative, versatile menus, you’re sure to have a feast that pleases your friends and family members.

Too Much Waste

At Eatz Catering, we’re aware that our culture can sometimes be wasteful of food. We know that when you order food for an event, you’re spending your hard-earned money; and we respect that. That’s way we do everything we can to minimise waste throughout our process, whether we’re ordering from suppliers, cooking the food, or serving it to your guests.

Due to food safety regulations, we cannot provide take-away boxes for packing leftover food; but we can allow you and your helpers to take responsibility for those leftovers, as long as you read and sign an indemnity form.

This way, you can take responsibility for keeping the leftovers uncontaminated, and you can save and enjoy the extra food later. We also provide guidance for ordering the right amount of food for your event, so you have enough but not too much.

If you have questions about food waste, quantity, or variety, please contact us. Our helpful staff at Eatz Catering will be glad to provide answers and assistance as you plan your upcoming wedding.