4 Surprise Reasons to Hire a Caterer for Your Holiday Events

Christmas and New Year celebrations are some of the biggest and most important meals of the year. You may be tempted to take on one of these celebrations yourself, having your family, friends, coworkers, or neighbours over for a big party. However, before you put that burden on your own shoulders, consider a few surprise benefits to hiring a Singapore caterer for the event.

1. A Singapore caterer can handle the unexpected problems.

When you try to plan a big event yourself, you have a million and one different decisions to make and possibilities to consider. It may be your first or second time planning a big holiday gathering; but for an experienced caterer, it’s the normal routine.

Caterers know how to handle all the tiny details. They know what to do when the unexpected happens, and they have the supplies and the know-how to work around problems. Spare yourself the stress of handling all the little mishaps and small emergencies that come with hosting a big party, and let the professionals take care of it all.

2. A Singapore caterer is experienced with food safety.

Your Singapore caterer knows exactly what the regulations are for proper food handling and food safety. The catering staff understand the necessary hygiene practices, and they strive to keep everyone safe and healthy. Without those standards in place, your guests could walk away from the party with germs, viruses, or food poisoning.

Don’t take on the responsibility for your guests’ health by yourself! Look for a catering service in Singapore that is licensed by the National Environmental Agency (NEA). That way, you’ll know that they can be trusted to keep the food at the optimum temperatures and handle everything safely.

3. A Singapore caterer can offer extra services and supplies.

Often, a catering service has additional resources and services available for an extra fee. For example, Eatz Catering rents out a selection of tableware, linens, and furniture. In order to maintain halal status for our Muslim clients, Eatz Catering does not rent out food warmers or equipment for cooking or food preparation; but we do offer tables of various shapes and sizes, different styles of chairs, and a selection of linens and decor options. Glassware, plates, napkins, chinaware, cutlery, and coffee cups with saucers are also available for rent.

A caterer in Singapore can serve as your one-stop shop for all your entertaining needs. When you’re planning a big holiday party, you’ll find it very helpful to obtain all your supplies and food from one convenient source.

4. A Singapore caterer will clean up afterward.

At the end of the night, when your feet are sore from dancing or mingling with friends, and when your cheeks are tired of smiling and laughing, the last thing you want to do is clean up after the party. Don’t end your evening on a sour note because you have a huge mess to clear away! Hire caterers, because they will take care of setup and cleanup for all the food items, the buffet, live stations, the rented equipment, and more! You may have to do a little cleanup, but it will be so much easier than if you handled all the food and setup yourself.

Are you convinced that you need to hire a Singapore catering service for your New Year celebration or Christmas gathering? Contact Eatz Catering right away so you can secure your spot on our holiday schedule!