5 Great Vegetarian Meal Ideas for Corporate Event Catering

Planning a corporate event is a massive, time-consuming project. You have to make sure that every single detail is given the attention it deserves. The selection of the right Singapore catering service is one such essential that you simply can’t neglect.

Often, corporate events bring together people who have specific diet and nutrition needs. Gathering such information in advance and choosing meals accordingly will be determining for the success of the party.

If you have information that vegetarians will be present, you’ll have to provide these guests with an array of delicious options. Vegetarian meals are generally a good choice because they’re healthy and they can appeal to people who prioritise wellness, as well.

Vegetarian meals come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next corporate event, you may want to consider the following choices that are 100 per cent meat-free.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a wonderful choice because they offer a lot of flexibility and diversity.

Fried Spring Rolls ( for illustration only)

Crunchy, savoury and delicious, spring rolls are a popular catering menu item. They’re easy to eat and they’re a good addition to every kind of buffet. A themed corporate event that features Asian cuisine or international staples will definitely benefit from the addition of vegetarian spring rolls.

There are so many ingredients that can go in the preparation of spring rolls – bell peppers, carrots, avocados, rice noodles, lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, zucchini, sesame seeds and cabbage to name a few.

The magic happens when a delicious dipping sauce is added on the side. Sauces can diversify recipes even further and give spring rolls the bit of oomph to elevate them to the next level.

Seasonal Mixed Vegetables

Whether sautéed or fried, mixed vegetables are a great choice for health-conscious individuals.

Vegetarian stir fried mixed vegetables (For illustration only)

Mixed vegetables are often included in catering menus are a side dish but they can easily stand on their own.

In Singapore, seasonal choices will vary throughout the year. This fact adds a bit of excitement to the menu entry. The tropical climate also makes it easy to grow delicious tomatoes, green leafy veggies, okra, eggplants and spring onions.

These veggies can be combined in a number of ways to create delicious, sophisticated stir fries or sautéed combinations. Rich and colourful choices like these will definitely look great at a corporate event.


A few international staples are also a wonderful choice for corporate events.

Vegetarian Risotto (For illustration only)

Vegetarian risottos are delicious and hearty. They appeal to people from most part of the world. If you are going to be welcoming foreign guests as a part of your Singapore corporate events, a vegetarian risotto option will be a great choice.

Mushroom and cheese risotto is a classic that has a delicious, universally recognised taste. Just like seasonal veggies, the risotto can stand on its own as a menu item or it can be offered as a side dish to complement meat.

Fresh Fruit Platters

Quite often, corporate events are about abundance and visual appeal.

You can never beat the rich colour and the shine of fresh fruit. A well-arranged fruit platter can easily turn into the focal point of a catered buffet. Once again – it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to opt for a seasonal choice or something a bit more exotic.

Singapore’s seasonal fruits calendar offers a lot of variety. The papaya is juicy year-round. Dragon fruit can be added to the platter from June to November, mango is ripe at the same time of the year, jackfruits are available from June to September, lychee – from May to June, blueberries – from June to August, strawberries – from April to August and rambutan is ripest from June to August.

These seasonal fruits can also be used in the preparation of delicious vegetarian desserts to add to the corporate buffet. Most desserts are vegetarian but opting for fruits can enable your caterers to also create a few wonderful completely vegan options.

Vegetarian Alternatives to Meat Dishes

An experienced chef who decides to use their imagination can create an array of vegetarian alternatives to traditional meat dishes.

The Eatz Catering Chinese vegetarian buffet offers a wide array of huge choices.

Meat can easily be replaced by vegetarian-friendly options like tofu or mushrooms. These have the chewiness and the texture to provide the gratification of a hearty meat dish without actually including the animal product.

Vegetarian chicken curry is just one example of a standard dish that can be modified to appeal to those who don’t eat meat. Tofu, soy curls, meatless protein cubes or a vegetarian chicken product could all be utilised to get the meat replacement.

Braised tofu is another wonderful choice for those who want to avoid meat.

Some other dishes that can be turned into a meat-free option include curries, burgers, spaghetti Bolognese, vegan Caesar’s salad, vegetable hot-dogs and lasagne.

A good vegetarian catering menu should also put emphasis on salads that are free from animal products. Vegan appetizers and a few healthy drink choices will also be needed.

Corporate events can benefit from beverage choices like lemonade, iced water (with strawberries, cucumbers or other fruits/veggies for infusion purposes), complex smoothies made on the spot and iced tea.

Don’t underestimate the importance of nutritional abundance at a corporate event. It demonstrates your attitude towards the guests and your willingness to give everyone a choice.

When planning a corporate event, seek an experienced Singapore caterer that knows what it takes to cater to the needs of a vegetarian audience. Vegetarian and vegan dishes aren’t just standard foods minus the meat and animal products. Flavour complexity is achieved through the addition of new ingredients, herbs, spices and sauces. This is why you have to make sure that the caterer you plan to work with is experienced enough in the world of vegetarian food preparation and serving.