5 Tips for Hosting a Christmas Cocktail Reception

A festive, elegant cocktail reception is a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding, mark a milestone in your career, roll out your company’s new product, or celebrate the birthday of a loved one. Instead of a full buffet meal, you can choose light, delicious treats with a special holiday flair. Rather than sitting at a table with the same people all evening, guests at a cocktail reception can move about and mingle much more readily. Choose catering in Singapore with the perfect Christmas cocktail reception menu all ready to go!

Tip #1. Select a Christmas Cocktail Menu

Since you’re hosting this event during the holidays, it makes sense to select a menu with some holiday flair and flavours. Find a local Singapore caterer that offers a festive cocktail menu. For example, Eatz Catering provides a lovely Christmas cocktail reception menu for 50 people, which can be expanded to suit the size of the crowd you’re expecting.

Baked Christmas shepherd’s pie, made with minced lamb filling, adds holiday flair to the menu items, and the dessert options include assorted Christmas cupcakes, puddings, fruit cake, and cheesecake. For the beverage, our Singapore catering service supplies either packet drinks or our Christmas cranberry punch.

Tip #2. Choose Halal Food and Drinks

Since you’re having the gathering in Singapore, you can expect your guest list to include some Muslims and others who appreciate a clean diet. As a halal caterer in Singapore, certified by MUIS, Eatz Catering takes great care to ensure that all its food is sourced, prepared, and served in accordance with halal dietary guidelines. Your non-Muslim guests won’t know the difference, and your Muslim guests will be grateful that they can enjoy the event freely.

Tip #3. Select Finger Foods

A cocktail reception is all about finger foods and small, tasty bites. Some of the delights on Eatz Catering’s Christmas cocktail menu are golden Popiah prawns with Thai Chilli Sauce, golden salmon balls, small BBQ cheese pizzas, and grilled Yakitori chicken on skewers. Your guests will appreciate the delicate flavours of Japanese Tempura fish cocktail on toothpicks, and the hearty, filling nature of our halal grilled chicken bratwurst. Each menu item is presented in a way that makes it easy to eat with the fingers or with a small fork.

Tip #4. Plan to Have Some Seating

At most cocktail receptions, guests stand or walk about, drinking, eating, and chatting with others in the crowd. However, some guests may become tired or may not be able to stand for the entire event. Provide some chairs for your elderly guests or guests with health issues. If you need additional seating, you can rent chairs and other event supplies from Eatz Catering.

Tip #5. Hire the Caterer Early

For all your holiday catering needs, contact us at Eatz Catering. We’re happy to arrange a full Christmas or New Year buffet, provide Christmas side orders, or put your Christmas cocktail reception on our schedule. Call now, because our calendar is already filling up with orders for the holiday season!