6 Catering Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Event

Do you want to bring chaos to your event and ruin it completely? If so, you have to mess up the catering. Food and beverages play an important role in setting the mood, enforcing the theme and making the guests feel welcomed. Unfortunately, catering can go wrong in many, many ways.

The first and the most obvious error is failing to select the best catering service provider in Singapore. If the company doesn’t have enough experience or the food doesn’t meet industry standards, chances are that you’ll make the wrong impression.

Here are a few other primary catering mistakes you should do your best to avoid making.

Falling for a Low Price

Planning the perfect event can be costly. If you’re trying to do so on a limited budget, you become much more likely to attempt cutting corners in one way or another.

Catering and the selection of the right food should never be subjected to a price reduction for the sake of remaining within the planned budget.

Companies that offer way too affordable catering aren’t usually the one known for the quality, the safety of the service or the food. In addition, there could be hidden charges that will become obvious only after the service provider is booked.

Always do some market comparison and get a few quotes for similar catering choices and menus. If a specific offer appears too good to be true, it probably is.

Having No Idea about the Needs of Your Guests

Even if you’re planning a large Singapore corporate event that will be attended by hundreds of people, you still need to have some idea about the groups of guests and their food preferences.

The right catering menu should be somewhat tailored to the needs of the event participants. If you don’t know much about your guests, do your best to offer a wide selection and an array of choices that will appeal to most people.

A few of the essential types of foods to plan include standard choices/international cuisine items, halal-certified caterers like eatz catering, vegan and vegetarian foods and healthy picks. Providing some information about the potential allergens featured in each food will also be a great idea. You can appeal to people who have food allergies this way instead of making them feel excluded.

Not Tasting the Food Before Booking

You have to taste the food when you’re booking a caterer for the very first time.

A menu may appear to be wonderful and exciting on paper. Will the execution correspond to your expectations, however?

Choosing the right caterer is a process that will take some time. You have to do some research and you have to shop around until you identify the food service provider that is best suited to meet your needs.

The selection of the right venue and the right food are two of the biggest choices (and budget items) for every single celebration or event. You will definitely want to visit the venue before you book, right? If this is the case, how does it make sense to refrain from seeing and trying the food?

A Failure to Inquire about Additional Services and Essentials

Catering should a comprehensive service that involves a lot more than buying food.

Look into the additional services a catering company is capable of providing. You should be getting access to the whole package.

Will there be cutlery, catering equipment and tables provided? If you are opting for a food buffet, you will need warmers that will maintain the right meal temperature throughout the night. Tablecloths and even disposable plates/cutlery should also be available in case you need those.

The training the company’s staff is as important as the quality of the food.

Don’t underestimate the importance of checking the credentials of the people who will be making your food and serving it to the party guests. Reputable Singapore catering service providers will have no problems providing such information and answering all of your questions in a comprehensive, honest manner.

Refusing to Take Past Customer Experiences in Consideration

You can learn a lot about a service provider from the experiences that past clients are willing to share.

It’s a massive mistake to hire a catering team without asking for referrals or looking for online testimonials. Internet has made it easier than ever before to look for such information. You have no excuse to refrain from researching.

Look for customer experiences and reviews that present more or less the same information. If multiple people are making a similar claim about their experience with a Singapore caterer, chances are that the information is trustworthy.

Don’t fall for overly positive or overly negative reviews. These may be created for promotional purposes or by the competition. Genuine clients tend to provide specifics and back up their claims with examples, whether the review is a positive or a negative one.

Once again – a great caterer will have nothing to hide. They will actually encourage you to get in touch with former clients to learn more.

Underestimating the Importance of a Good Beverage Selection

Delicious food is important but so is a diversified and exciting beverage buffet.

While classic choices will always be trendy, you may want to pick something a bit more unusual to wow your guests.

Always check the types of beverages included in every menu and buffet selection your caterer provides. They should be flexible enough to allow for custom drink options available to help you plan and purchase the right selections.

Hectic party planning can lead to mistakes. Some of these can be fixed quickly but choosing the wrong catering service provider isn’t such an error. This is why you have to do your homework and get multiple quotes to pick the right one for your celebration. If things are going to be really last minute, look for a caterer that is setup for last minute orders.

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