6 Food Catering Menu Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Office Party

The end of the year is a time of festivities and celebrations. It’s a time for spending precious moments with loved ones, for parties and laughter. The New Year’s Eve office party is an event that shouldn’t be missed. It helps for bonding and getting to know each other much better than before.

Planning a spectacular office party will require a lot of preparation. You will need to make several important choices, including the type of food that will be served during the celebration .

Food will contribute to the atmosphere, which is why you need the right selection.

Once you choose the right catering in Singapore for an office celebration, you will need to determine the menu that makes the most sense. The following list of suggestions can come in handy if you haven’t chosen your menu items yet.

Grilled Chicken and Other Classic Meat Dishes

When planning corporate catering, you have to keep in mind the fact that many people will be attending, all of them preferring certain kinds of food. Pleasing everyone will be a rather difficult job.

Unless you know for a fact that people will enjoy something a bit more exotic, stick to classics.

Grilled chicken is one such neutral classic that almost everyone will enjoy. Whether people are trying to eat health-consciously or they simply adore meat, grilled chicken will be a safe choice. Luckily, it is included as one of the options in the Eatz Catering Corporate Buffet Menu.

Chicken isn’t the only safe meat-based option out there.

Grilled fish (for example – salmon), roasted turkey breast and even sausages will add a bit of diversity and flavour to the office party buffet. You may want to have at least one poultry and one fish selection in the menu.

Pizza or Mini Pizza

The aim of an office party is to encourage socialisation. A buffet rather than a seated arrangement is the catering choice that will get people walking around and talking to each other while they’re savouring the food.

Pizza or mini pizza appetizers are an excellent finger food choice.

Pizza is easy to eat while standing up and talking to others. In addition, it offers a lot of variety – from vegetarian, to classic pizzas and toppings tailored especially to the needs of meat lovers.

Eatz Catering features a delicious Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza in the 2018 Christmas Buffet Menu.

Mixed Vegetables

Steamed or stir fried, mixed vegetables rank among the most versatile side dishes.

They can be served alongside many other types of foods and they will appeal to vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious folks at the office.

The use of seasonal veggies will add a bit of freshness and excitement to the holiday buffet. Most catering companies offer at least a few such options and Eatz Catering isn’t an exception. We offer quick fry seasonal mixed green vegetables in the Healthier Choice Buffet and we feature a few alternative recipes in some of our other popular menus.

An Exquisite Appetizer

While classic choices will turn into almost immediate crowd pleasers, you should also think about a menu item that’s a bit more exclusive and elevated.

Egg mousse with fish roe on a tart shell is such an exclusive appetizer you will find in our Butler and Cocktail Reception Menu.

Sometimes, office parties are wild and crazy. In other situations, a company may want to opt for a more sophisticated evening that brings together workers and clients.

What’s the primary purpose of the event? If you want to enforce a specific brand image and impress your clients, a more exclusive catering selection will definitely make sense. You should also choose the right party theme so that the food complements it nicely.


When it comes to everybody’s favourite international cuisine option, pasta will probably rank as the number one selection.

Just like pizza, pasta is incredibly versatile. You can opt for spaghetti, fusilli, linguini, tagliatelle and many others. The variations and diversity in terms of sauces is even greater.

Pasta is filling, delicious and hearty. It goes well with meat and it can also be served with a meat-free, delicious tomato-based sauce. Having at least two pasta varieties at the office New Year’s Eve party will be an excellent choice.

A Classic Dessert (or Two)

Don’t forget about the people who have a sweet tooth. New Year’s Eve celebrations are supposed to be decadent. The catering menu should feature at least a few classic desserts that people will savour towards the end of the night.

Chocolate mousse is one excellent dessert choice for a corporate party. It’s easy to eat while walking around and it is absolutely delicious.

If you want something a bit more original and unusual, opt for a sweet temptation like mango pudding or chocolate custard pudding with fudge.

For those who are health conscious, feature a fruit platter selection. Not only will it satisfy those who are counting their calories, the platter will add a bit of festive colour to the office party buffet.

Finally, don’t forget about serving beverages.

Reputable Singapore catering companies do offer an appropriate drink selection with every menu.

Food and drinks have to be paired with each other for the optimal culinary experience. This is why you may want to consult experienced professionals in the field to determine which beverages make the most sense.

Some interesting options you may want to offer include fresh fruit juices, iced tea, coffee and tea, Christmas cranberry beverages and fruit punch.

Companies like Eatz Catering can accommodate for all of your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us know a bit more about the upcoming office celebration. Choose your catering option from our list of menus or allow us to help you make the most appropriate selection bound to please all of your guests. Contact us now.