6 Ways to Decorate for Your Catered Holiday Dinner in Singapore

Do you love to gather together your whole family for the holidays? No matter what your traditions and celebrations may be, enjoying them with a group of friends or relatives can be very satisfying. Give yourself time to do the preparations you love, like decorating and creating beautiful table settings— and leave the food preparation to the experts.

Catering in Singapore with Eatz Catering ensures that you can be the best holiday host and save yourself extra stress. To prepare for your holiday gatherings, check out these ideas for holiday decor, centrepieces, and table settings.

Individual Chair Decorations

Make every guest feel special by adding a bit of decor to the back of his or her chair. A tiny wreath, a ribbon, some bells, or some sparkling balls add festive spirit to the seating.

Christmas Tree Place Settings

Do you enjoy the tradition of the Christmas tree? Reflect it in the place settings at your holiday table. Fold a cloth napkin into triangle for the tree’s shape, and then add a small name tag at the bottom as the trunk of the tree. Place a paper or wooden star in the centre of the triangle.

Faux Packages as Centrepieces

Are you looking for a simple, inexpensive way to dress up the tables for your holiday party? Collect small, empty cardboard boxes from friends and wrap them beautifully in coloured paper, string, and ribbons. Choose two to four complementary wrapping colours for the best effect. Once you’re finished, pile the tiny presents on the tables and add a few loose ball ornaments or berries around them for a festive effect.

Decor That Doubles As Potpourri

Do you have some unused glass bowls or trifle dishes? Procure some circular cuts of wood and lay them on the tables. Set a glass dish on each one and fill it with woodsy goodness— berries, twigs, pinecones, oranges, unshelled nuts, and cinnamon sticks. Your mix will look lovely and smell delicious.

Flavourful Holiday Decor

Perhaps you love a particular holiday flavour, like cinnamon or peppermint. Try some themed decor using cinnamon sticks, cinnamon candy, and cinnamon colours; or take the peppermint theme to the extreme with tins of red and white peppermint sticks and striped decorations.

Celebratory Candles

Candles are often associated with the holidays, because the warm glow they provide reflects the warmth in hearts when families are gathered. Decorate your holiday tables with pillar candles of all shapes and sizes, or feature tall, ornate candelabras dripping with strings of red beads. Encircle a collection of slim tapered candles with a lovely boxwood wreath, or use lanterns instead and place candles inside them. Just remember to enjoy the candles safely.

Don’t overwork yourself by trying to do it all! Keep the fun parts of the holiday hosting for yourself, and enjoy decorating your home or venue while someone else does the cooking. Hire a Singapore caterer like Eatz Catering to provide boxed snacks, sides, mini buffets, or a full holiday buffet to amaze your guests this season. Call us soon to arrange the details for your upcoming holiday event!