6 Ways to Hold the Most Sophisticated Tea Party

A tea party is one of the most sophisticated gatherings you could ever host. There’s something exquisitely elegant about the etiquette, the atmosphere and the types of foods served.

Hosting a great tea party is dependent on several elements. Your choice of the right catering Singapore service provider is one of the essentials. Other than choosing the right company to partner up with, you’ll also need to focus on a couple of additional factors.

You Will Need the Right Accessories

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Tea drinking is a ritual. There are certain steps to follow when preparing and serving tea. In addition, you will need the right accessories and utensils to make the party happen.

A high quality china set that features a teapot is one of the obvious essentials for a lucrative afternoon gathering.

In fact, experts recommend getting at least a few different teapots so that you can offer your guests a wider selection of tea flavours and combinations.

Tea party settings include a couple of additional things you’ll need to get and arrange accordingly – a tablecloth, linen napkins, saucers, teaspoons, sugar-cube tongs, a sugar bowl, a beautiful box containing an assortment of tea bags, sandwich trays and even a lemon dish.

If you don’t own all of these essentials, you may want to communicate with your Singapore caterer. Reputable companies will often have china and utensils for their clients to benefit from. You should get a detailed list of the available rental services and costs in advance so that you could budget accordingly.

Plan Your Menu

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Afternoon tea parties are known for the various types of foods being served. Your menu should include both sweet and savoury treats for your guests to choose among.

Finger sandwiches are an obvious choice but you’ll have to think about an assortment of fillings. Cake, scones, cupcakes and other kinds of pastries or biscuits are also appropriate.

If you’ll be doing a catered event, check out the menu in advance. A good tea reception menu should feature a nice selection of diversified entries. Some other options apart from the ones already mentioned you should pursue include eclairs, cream puffs, muffins, dim sum options, spring rolls (an excellent savoury choice for the occasion) and a selection of drinks other than tea (coffee, juices and fruit punch combos).

Make Guests Feel Welcomed with an Arrival Drink

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The way in which you welcome guests will set the tone.

It’s customary for the host to offer guests an arrival drink upon their entry in the venue.

Usually, a freshly brewed cup of tea is the customary welcome drink for this kind of reception. You, however, have the freedom to stray away from traditions and offer guests something different before the actual tea party begins.

Freshly squeezed juice is a nice, refreshing choice for a start of the reception.

Iced tea is another good choice for the hot months.

Make sure that guests have access to everything required to customise their drink – milk, sugar, honey, ice, syrup, etc. if the tea isn’t brewed yet and guests will be offered a selection of tea bags, you should have a sufficiently large choice to appeal to everyone.

Enhance the Atmosphere with Flowers and Music

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An afternoon tea reception is all about slowing down and immersing yourself in a world of elegance amid the hectic day.

As a host, you will have to think about setting the mood and creating the right ambiance.

Having a live flower arrangement, a centrepiece or a selection of bouquets on the table and throughout the room will brighten up the atmosphere. The choice of flowers is up to you. A white selection will look exquisite and elegant. Colourful bouquets will make the venue a lot brighter and much more visually exciting.

Setting the tone could also be dependent on your choice of music or ambient sounds. Classical music is a good choice. The same applies to soft jazz or chillout softness playing in the background will also help your guests immerse themselves in the magic of the tea party.

Offer a Healthy Choice

Good hosts are considerate of the needs of their guests.

Tea receptions typically feature a smaller number of people that you know. You’ll be aware of their dietary preferences and health concerns. Choose the menu items accordingly.

It’s a good idea to have a low-calorie choice for those who are watching their weight. Wholegrain bread and fruit-based desserts will be an excellent alternative to the typical pastries. If you have vegan guests, there should also be at least a few choices free from meat or animal by-products.

Give Guests Something to Take Home

In the end of the reception, you may want to give your guests a small favour that they’ll remember the party by.

A little jar containing the tea blend of the day is a wonderful choice. Creating such favours doesn’t cost a lot, they can be personalised and they will be memorable.

While giving guests favours isn’t a standard part of afternoon tea etiquette, you can certainly take your efforts to the next level by including such a surprising element in the party plan.

The final thing to remember is to have fun while planning the afternoon tea reception. If you are a tea lover and you enjoy a good cup, you’ll definitely know what it takes to make the moment perfect.

Finally, take some time to do your research and to partner up with the right catering service provider. A good understanding of tea drinking culture will be required on their behalf to elevate the menu and give you the service that you’re looking forward to. Companies like Eatz Catering have sufficient experience with tea receptions and the specifics. Contact us today or explore our menu options to choose the one that’s best suited to the event you’ll be hosting.