7 Benefits of a Catered Buffet

Are you debating whether to have plated meals or a buffet at your next catered event? Discover some of the unexpected benefits of ordering buffet service from a caterer in Singapore.

Greater Variety of Foods

One of the biggest benefits of a buffet is its possibility for variety. Plated meals limit your guests to one or two pre-selected menus. However, a buffet gives them access to an ample spread of delicious dishes, prepared by a Singapore catering service. With so many options from which to choose, your guests are sure to find something they really enjoy.

More Crowd Movement

If you want to encourage more personal connections and socialisation, consider choosing a buffet instead of plated meals. With plated meals, people tend to stay at their tables while the food is brought to them. With a buffet, they get up and move through the line, and they have an opportunity to interact with other guests, meet someone new, or stop by a friend’s table on the way back from the buffet.

Personalised Portions

Plated meals are served in standard portions, with no consideration for the different appetites of the guests. Someone who has been too busy to eat much may find the portion insufficient, while someone who isn’t very hungry might leave food on the plate. With a buffet, guests can take what they feel like eating, in the amounts that are right for them.

Opportunities for Extra Features

If you’re interested in making your event more exciting, you can add a feature like a live food station to your Singapore catering order. Live food stations generally don’t mesh well with a plated dinner, but they’re perfect as a counterpoint to a buffet. Adding a food stations not only expands the food options, but provides another place for guests to gather and chat.

Less Expensive

Buffets are often less expensive than plated meals. Dishes can be made in bulk and don’t have to be separately plated and presented, and you can eliminate the cost of extra serving staff. View some buffet menu options from Eatz Catering to see the range of prices available, from very affordable all the way to premium and deluxe options.

Allowance for Dietary Restrictions

Do you have friends who don’t eat meat, or who follow a Halal diet? As a Halal caterer in Singapore, all the food from our Singapore catering service is compatible with the Muslim dietary law. With a buffet spread, you can choose some dishes that are appropriate for vegetarians, or select options for those who avoid dairy or grains.

Focal Point for the Venue

A beautiful buffet provides a natural kind of decor in your venue space. It serves as a focal point for the room and makes it easier to plan the layout. Choosing a skilled Singapore catering service, like Eatz Catering, means that your event’s buffet will not only be delicious, but gorgeous to look at as well. For some occasions, Eatz Catering will also provide floral centrepieces to make the buffet even more attractive.

Ready to order an amazing Halal international buffet for your upcoming event? Contact Eatz Catering directly, or order quickly and easily online.