7 Best Christmas Desserts to Feature This Year

The Holiday season is just around the corner. Planning the perfect Christmas party is a lot of fun but you will also need to deal with various important organisational issues. Choosing the right food and making sure your guests enjoy abundance and copious amounts can make the process stressful.

What are Christmas and holiday meals linked to? Lots of decadence, comfort foods and abundance. This abundance is most clearly demonstrated through the selection of the right desserts.

Are you planning a Christmas party for friends, co-workers or family members? If so, opting for Christmas buffet catering is a great idea that will take some of the burden off your shoulders. Still, you will have to choose the right service provider and the right menu items to feature on your buffet table.

While picking the right catering Singapore service provider is all about examining the reputation of companies and selecting the best, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to the choice of Christmas desserts. Here are a few ideas that will help you appeal to different tastes and preferences.

Christmas Icing Cookies

What would Christmas be without colourful iced cookies that seem to hold the essence of the celebration inside their very nature?

Christmas Icing Cookies (For illustration only)

Iced cookies have a number of great characteristics that make them ideal for a Christmas party.

For a start, they’re a great finger food that people can eat while walking around and without getting messy. In addition, cookies offer a lot of flexibility. They can be made in various shapes and sizes. The icing provides additional customisation opportunities, making it possible to select cookies ideal for the specific celebration or party theme.

If you’d like to get Christmas iced cookies as a part of your catered buffet, choose the Eatz Catering Christmas Side Orders 2018 menu.

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding is a classic dessert that an overwhelming majority of your guests will enjoy.

Chocolate Pudding Cake (For illustration only)

While featuring a couple of exotic desserts to add diversity to the buffet is certainly a great idea, you should also stick to classic choices.

Chocolate pudding comes in a favourite flavour but it’s a bit lighter than chocolate cake or brownies, for example. Apart from featuring chocolate pudding in our Christmas Buffet Menu, we also have mango pudding. You will be getting two choices for your guests and nothing is better than holiday buffet diversity.


Chocolate brownies are also a classic choice and a great finger food for a holiday party.

Christmas Brownies (For illustration only)

While the recipe is traditional, brownies can be modified to offer guests a new experience. The addition of nuts or chili peppers to the batter, for example, will result in a somewhat unusual taste that will still be harmonious and intriguing.

Brownies are a great choice for an office party or a more youthful gathering. If you don’t fancy a seated arrangement, you can definitely feature the dessert in your buffet because of its practical appeal and the taste that everyone will love.

White Chocolate Eclairs

While the éclair is another classic dessert, it is more of an unusual pick for a holiday menu.

White chocolate eclair (For illustration only)

The éclair combines the deliciousness of choux dough with the creamy deliciousness of custard. White chocolate on top makes the French dessert complete and elevates the basic recipe to a true holiday treat.

Eclairs can be notoriously difficult to make on your own, which is why opting for professional assistance will be a good idea. This way, you can ensure the quality of your dessert and you will also get the exact number of eclairs needed for your party.

Eatz Catering features white chocolate eclairs in both the Christmas Buffet 2018 menu and the Christmas Mini Buffet Menu (suitable for a smaller gathering and you will get 16 eclairs as a part of the buffet).

Assorted Cupcakes

Dessert assortments add to the abundance and the visual appeal of a party buffet table.

Christmas Cupcake (For illustration only)

Cupcakes are lucrative because everyone attending can choose the variety that they like the best.

A cupcake is another classic dessert that can be customised to satisfy the tastes and preferences of your guests.

From classic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes – there’s so much you can explore this Christmas. In addition, the icing, frosting and decorations will provide for colourful desserts that your guests will simply want to photograph and add to their Instagram.

Cheese Cake

If you want an option that’s a bit more complex than cookies and cupcakes, cheesecake would be an ideal pick.

New York cheese cake in particular is a must-have item for an amazing Singapore holiday party.

The New York-style cheesecake features heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs and egg yolks in the cream. As a result, it is smooth, creamy and very rich. In some cases, cottage cheese or lemon can be added for a more intriguing taste or texture.

The decadence of this cheesecake variety makes it ideal for a Christmas party. At the same time, the dessert is not the sweetest one out there. Even people who don’t like traditional cakes may give a delicious cheesecake a try.

Christmas Fruit Cake

A traditional Christmas dessert, this one is a buffet item you should feature if you want to have typical holiday foods on your table.

Christmas Fruitcake (For illustration only)

A Christmas fruitcake is made with either candied or dried fruits (although variations are possible in modern recipes). Nuts and spices are also added to give the dessert a unique flavour profile.

There’s some historic evidence that the Christmas fruit cake dates back to Roman times. The earliest recipes featured pomegranate, raisins and pine nuts. The Middle Ages modified the recipe, adding honey and dried nuts to the mix.

Your dessert selection depends on the party theme, your budget and preferences. Don’t hesitate to explore multiple options and to get in touch with reputable Singapore caterers like Eatz Catering.

Eatz Catering has a number of choices that will add some oomph and glamour to your holiday buffet. Contact us today to find out more or to place your party order.