7 Cost Reducing Tips For Your Next Catered Event

You want to organize an amazing catering event for your guests, but you don’t want the costs to go crazy, right? Good news, there are many ways to minimize the costs while preserving the quality of the event!

With a good Singapore catering company, there will be many different ways to go and a lot of different food choices to choose from at various price points.

Unless mandatory, opt for a buffet

We won’t lie – organizing a catering event costs money. The logistics and costs of sourcing the food, preparing it and getting it served in a nice tableware can go up very quickly. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t save some money during the process!

What you’re probably thinking of is to set up the usual three-steps meal:

  • a starter
  • a main course
  • a dessert

But if you give think deeper, you’ll realize that it may increase the budget substantially by basically tripling everything you need for the event. When you needed only plates and a single set of utensils for your guests, you would now need three sets!

It’s therefore more cost-efficient to opt for a reception with drinks and a buffet instead. A buffet will not only diminish the costs of your catering event, but it will make it also friendlier. People will get to chat, move around and pick whatever they want to eat from the table.

Self-service is usually better

When opting for a buffet over a sit-down, you are still left with the choice of whether there should be staff members that serve your guests, or whether they serve themselves.

A buffet is a good cost-efficient alternative

If you make some simple calculations, you’ll see that you’ll need at least one staff member for five guests, which can become quite problematic if you have dozens of guests. The costs would quickly go crazy, and it’s therefore preferable to let your guests serve themselves.

After all, they’re grown-up human beings and they know very well how to get food moving from a table to their belly, especially if you’re organizing a seminar catering event or a corporate catering event!

Make your plates small

There’s a common tip among people who want to lose weight – and it’s to reduce the portion sizes by picking smaller plates.

And you know what it reduces as well? Costs! Indeed, since your guests will tend to pick portions adapted to their plate size, they’ll also tend to consume less food. That’s a pretty good news as it will help you limit the cost of food.

You can therefore either opt for:

  • Smaller plates
  • Bowls

In Singapore, you may opt for bowls instead of smaller plates, as most of the dishes are perfectly contained by bowls and it makes them easier to eat. In any case, your catering services provider will certainly have what you need.

Get your tableware from your catering provider

It’s going to be quite complicated to source your tableware from someone different than your main catering service provider. They’ll usually know exactly the kind of tableware you need for the kind of catering event you’re organizing.

For example, if you organize a catering event for a wedding, they’ll have some special table linens, glasses and utensils that are an exact match for the theme.

It’s also going less expensive, as catering service providers usually can give you some catering promotions if go with them for the tableware as well.

Simplicity of the meals

It’s assumed that good restaurants can be spotted by how thick their menu is. The smaller the number of choices, the better you can assume the meals will be.

That’s basically the same when organizing your catering event: opt for simplicity and assume that less is more. There shouldn’t be a billion choices, and you can even adopt a culinary theme for the event.

It will make it also much easier to source the ingredients and products required for the event, as there will be less of them. It will be easier to locate providers and get better deals when purchasing it.

Coffee and tea included!

Hot drinks may be expected from your guests after dessert. That’s a normal and a usual conclusion for a good catering event. And you don’t want to disappoint them, as it will be one of their last memories of this event.

That’s why you’ll be confronted to a dilemma:

  • Either to serve hot drinks on site
  • Or to serve it at another location, such as a bar or a coffeeshop

If you were to purchase a single coffee or tea for each of your guests at a coffee place, the costs would go crazy. If you think about it, you’ll therefore quickly come to the conclusion that catering services providers are more cost-effective than your usual coffee place.

Have a dessert stand

If you decided to opt for a sit-down instead of a buffet like recommended above, you can at least set up a dessert stand. Your guests will enjoy getting up a bit and going network around a nice piece of cake.

As it’s usually harder to chat up with people outside of your table during sit-down events, it will at least give the opportunity to your guests to talk with each other, independently of the table!


When you add up all the different ways to avoid costs for your catering event, you realize quickly that it’s quite substantial!

But you should always remember that quality is a top-priority, and you shouldn’t opt for something cheaper just because it’s cheaper. It must make sense and it should be justified.

So, next time you organize a catering event, don’t be afraid of picking up the inexpensive options, supposing they’re executed well. Talk to your favourite catering company!

Guests will prefer a nice and efficient self-served buffet where they can chat and get to know people, instead of a long and dull expensive sit-down.