7 Different Ways You Can Thank Your Favourite Caterer

Do you have a favourite Singapore caterer who delivers excellent service and delicious food every time? Discover 7 ways to thank the chefs and the catering team for their dedication to quality.

Thank You Note

A classic thank-you note is always a good idea! Purchase a lovely card and write an encouraging, grateful note to your Singapore catering service. Include the names of staff members who were of special help to you, or mention a dish that you really enjoyed. Mail the note to your caterer in the hopes that it will provide a little extra encouragement on a busy day.

7 Ways to Thank Your Favourite Caterer - 1 - Thank you note


Your caterer probably has a webpage where they post testimonials from satisfied clients. Write an email explaining why you love using that particular Singapore catering service, and give your caterer permission to post your email as a testimonial. Be sure to include plenty of details about why you enjoy the food, timeliness, staff, and other elements of the Singapore caterer’s service.

7 Ways to Thank Your Favourite Caterer - 2 - Testimonials

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Do you know someone who is looking for a Singapore catering service? Maybe they are planning a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary gathering, or a family reunion. Mention your favourite caterer and suggest that your friend get in touch with them. There’s no better way to thank a business than by bringing them new clients!

7 Ways to Thank Your Favourite Caterer - 3 - Word of Mouth

Social Media Mentions

The next time you enjoy catering service at an event, take a photo by the buffet or snap a selfie of you and your plate! Post it on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram and include your Singapore catering company’s hashtag. Mention how much you like the food and the service. If you have a Twitter account, tweet about the excellence of the catering. Leave a review on Google or Facebook!

A Bonus

Catering can be pricey, but the quality and the peace of mind is usually well worth the cost. If you catering company goes above and beyond your expectations, consider including a bonus along with your payment.


Check with your Singapore catering service to find out if staff members and servers are allowed to accept tips. If so, feel free to tip the hard-working men and women who handle the food at your event. You can also encourage your guests to be generous with the catering staff as well.

Repeat Business

Nothing expresses your satisfaction like repeat orders. The next time you’re having a party, an office lunch, a corporate seminar, or a family reunion, contact your favourite Singapore caterer and place an order for the food. As a regular customer, you’ll begin to establish a stronger partnership with your caterer, one that’s beneficial to both sides.

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