7 Healthy Bento Lunchbox Items For You

Lunch provides you an opportunity to treat yourself, guests and colleagues to some great meals! Bento lunch boxes can be the perfect serving for this purpose, bringing compact servings of tasty and healthy meals to clients across Singapore. When it comes to figuring out what items you would like to have in your lunch box, you can quickly get overwhelmed, especially when healthy options are important. Here is where experienced Singapore catering experts like Eatz Catering, come to your rescue.

In this post, you will find some great examples of menu items for your Bentos. Beyond serving you for lunch, these Bentos can serve you for occasions, camping, meetings, and meals for any other time of the day. We have combinations suitable for executive cuisine, the health conscious clients, and much more. See some delicious food options to inspire your menu:

Mixed Brown Grains Rice

This delicious and healthy preparation of mixed grain rice is always a welcome addition to your Bento pack. It is healthier than just white rice and comes as an amazing combination of both brown and white grains.

Nonya Fish Otah

These grilled fish cakes are impossibly delicious. They are made of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices. It is widely known across Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, where it is traditionally served fresh, wrapped inside a banana leaf, as well as in many Asian stores internationally being sold as frozen food. This very healthy mouth watering addition to your Bentos is a classic Nyonya dishbrightly flavored with various aromatic herbs, exotic spices, and infused with the sweet fragrance of rich coconut milk.

Quick Fry Seasonal Mixed Green Vegetables

This is another super healthy addition to your Bentos. They can come in any mix of your favorite Asian vegetables. These are not the kind of vegges you eat out of a sense of duty. Our signature culinary recipes ensure you can always anticipate an uncommonly delicious mix of greens.

Hoisin Baked Boneless Chicken

Hoisin soup is an intense Asian barbecue sauce made from soybean paste and flavored with garlic, sugar, chilies, other spices and ingredients. When used to prepare your boneless skinless chicken, you get one of the tastiest proteins for your Bentos. The baking makes them a lighter and healthier. You can discuss specific treatment for your baked chicken when placing your order.

Egg Tofu with Sweet Gourd

Egg Tofu with some sweet gourd is also a Bento box item to look for. Enjoy the refreshing flavors while it quickly melts away in your mouth. Even though it’s called “tofu”, these “egg tofu” do not actually contain the usual soybeans or nigari (the magnesium chloride which is used to firm soymilk into silken tofu). This soft, silken, creamy tofu has a pale golden color that can be attributed to the addition of eggs and, occasionally, food coloring. It has a fuller texture and flavor than silken tofu, and is sure to leave your satisfied.

Seafood Stick

These seafood sticks or crab sticks are a reputably delicious. If you haven’t tried them before, their golden-brown crisp is sure to be a hit. Often referred to as the imitation crab, they actually do indeed come from the sea. It is made of different kinds of fish, which are ground together into a paste. On their own they make for excellent snack items. When added to your Bentos box, the give you an additional crunchy treat. Our signature recipes in preparing this culinary delight is guaranteed to keep you asking for more.

Tropical Fresh Fruits

Yes, Tropical fruits are always a refreshing addition to any food menu. Combined properly with other items for a Bentos box, you can eat them unprocessed and without any added sugars. They are well known to be important sources of carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and fibers; serving as primary source of nutrition and a delicious component of healthy, balanced diet. Your serving can include anything from apples to bananas, guava, mango, papaya, etc, if you do have any specific requests, let us know.

This is just a tip of the universe of tasty dishes you can get from Eatz Catering. Our services are designed to deliver all of these delicious items and much more. For the best combination of these delicious Bentos box items, choose from our menu bundles such as the executive Bentos, healthier lunch box, etc.