9 Menu ideas for a Catered Healthy Buffet in Singapore

Delivering an eye catching and mouth watering buffet is always a delight for a Singapore catering company. What guests love most about buffets is not just the freedom to savour as much good food as possible – they also love the moments of interest, learning and indulgence in the selection of good food. Buffets can serve your entertainment goals in weddings, corporate events and baby full month parties. This can also be delivered with the healthiest combination of appetizers, beverages, snacks and desserts. Here is a guide on some of the Halal menu choices that are healthier which you can get from eatzCatering.

1. Fried Wu Xiang Roll (Ngoh Hiang) with Thai Dipping Sauce

These meat rolls are a popular Chinese dish for the Malaysian & Singaporean Chinese family with a Teochew and Hokkien heritage, and also a staple for the Peranakan community. The crispiness from the bean skin, juiciness from the chicken, crunchiness from the prawns and sweetness from the water chestnuts, result in these meat rolls being packed with bursting flavours. This comes with an utterly delicious Thai dipping sauce. This salty, sweet, and spicy sauce is inspired by the tradition of serving dipping sauces with meals.

2. Chicken Ginseng Soup

This uber-delicious meal is probably one of the most popular “energy” foods in south-east Asia. A warm soup for hot summer days, some specialty restaurants serve nothing but the (chicken ginseng soup), having gained local popularity through their special recipes for the dish, which are often kept as secrets. At eatzCatering, we have our signature recipe which is guaranteed to energize your buffet. 

3. Stewed Mushrooms with Broccoli

The serving of stewed mushrooms with broccoli has sterling health credentials. This presentation of Mushrooms with Broccoli can have a very sumptuous look. The colour contrast between the mushrooms and the bright green broccoli coupled with other condiments make this dish look impressive. This makes it well-suited to be served in a buffet. 

4. Whole Grains Oriental Fried Rice

The regular fried rice is a tasty treat but is often not considered very healthy. At eatzCatering, we use brown rice instead of white rice in our healthy buffet menu. Brown rice is a whole grain, so it has more fibre, protein, and overall nutrition in comparison to white rice.  It is also cooked with healthy oils and topped with veggies to add much more flavour, texture, and colour. 

5. Vegetarian Curry Samosa

Our vegetarian-friendly curry samosas wrapped in homemade pastry and deep fried with healthier oils; you may also find additions of some potatoes, onions, peas, etc. These deep-fried delicacies are tasty and presentable. It is always a welcome addition to your buffet table 

6. Steamed Chicken Siew Mai

The Chicken Siew Mai is a popular dim sum item. People love those little morsels of ground meat wrapped with wonton skin, and served at dim sum restaurants. They are so good that every bite is always bursting with the freshness and juicy goodness of the filling. It is an easy addition to your buffet for a healthy snack/appetizer compliment. 

7. Tuna Nicosia Salad

You think salad is boring? Checkout our elegant version of the classic French salad full of flavour and texture, with seared fresh tuna standing instead of the conventional canned sort. In a serving you can line a large platter with lettuce leaves, mound the salade niçoise in the centre of the platter and place the sliced tuna and some basil leaves on top. The composition of this wholesome side dish can be customised to suit your taste and preferences.

8. Vegetarian Whole Wheat Mee Suah

The mee suah is a very thin variety of salted noodles made from wheat flour. This whole wheat preparation is a much healthier serving of this popular dish. The mee suah is also known as the “Longevity Noodle” and is usually served at birthday dinners. There are many preparations for this dish and our unique recipes are guaranteed to light up the taste buds of a health focused buffet.  

9. Australian Celery with Prawns & Cashew Nuts

The delicate, distinctive flavour of celery makes it a favourite when eaten fresh in its natural state or when stuffed with soft cheese and fresh herbs. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Celery adds crunch to salads, and it is a quick and easy snack. When served with prawns and cashew nuts, you have a crunchy super food.

Here at eatzCatering, our menu has something for everyone. These health-focused menu items are guaranteed to make your buffet a delicious experience. Remember to check out our Healthier Choice Buffet order list and premium buffet order list. Choose from any of these customized bundles and talk to one of our professionals today.