A Buffet for the Meat Lovers

Human beings have been eating meat for thousands of years. It’s delicious when stewed, baked, or fried, but most people say that there is something especially flavourful about meat that has been grilled over an open flame. If you’re a lover of meat, you will find it hard to resist the BBQ buffet catering from Eatz Catering. Take a look at what’s on the menu— it’s meat, more meat, and a lot of delicious sides!

Raw Food Selection

One of our most popular BBQ Cum Buffet menus features a broad selection of raw food. For health and safety reasons, only food from Eatz Catering may be barbecued during the event. You’ll see a variety of raw foods like chicken wings marinated in teriyaki seasoning, black pepper sirloin beef steak, and large fresh prawns. Seasoned rosemary lamb kebabs smell amazing while roasting over the fire, and so do our Halal Cheesy Chicken Sausages. For the seafood lovers, there is Nonya fish Otah wrapped in coconut leaves, and Sambal Sotong in aluminium foil.

Satay Selection

It’s fun and easy to roast raw food on sticks over a fire. The BBQ Cum Buffet includes satay options, featuring sticks with just chicken or just mutton, or a combination of both. Each person gets 3 satay sticks to roast over the grill or fire pit.

Raw Vegetables

It’s mostly about the meat, but raw vegetables taste delicious when roasted as well! Try grilling corn on the cob or Japanese sweet potatoes.

Prepared Food

To round out the meal, Eatz Catering also provides a selection of pre-cooked foods. Sides like chef’s garden salad with smoked fish, Tanzania vegetable rice, and Spaghetti Napolitana go perfectly with the roasted meat. For dessert, there is mango beancurd with fruit cocktail, a refreshing treat. Drinks include ice water and your choice of fruit punch, pink guava juice, or iced lemon tea.

Order BBQ Catering in Singapore

Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t deprive yourself any longer— call us right away and order our BBQ buffet catering for your next party.

We have several different BBQ catering packages available. The first one serves 50 people and is priced at $10.80 per person, or $11.56 with GST. All our other menus serve groups of 30 people, at price points ranging from $12.80 per person to $21.80 per guest before GST. Visit our website to select the pricing and quantity that works best for your event.

The BBQ buffet catering includes a grill and a chef to oversee the cooking process. Other accessories like fire starters, lighters, wire mesh, or charcoal do not come with the package, but you can add them to your order as needed. As your provider of catering in Singapore, Eatz Catering strives to give you and your guests an incredible food experience, and we’re happy to help you arrange the details for catering your upcoming event.