A short guide to choosing a wedding caterer in Singapore

Your wedding day, whether it’s a traditional chinese wedding or a malay wedding, it is the most important day of your life and it is also supposed to be the happiest as well! The days leading up to the big day, though, can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions while you and your soon-to-be spouse take up the impossible task of organising the perfect wedding day. Well, you can always hire a wedding planner if you can afford to, so all you do is turn up…but where’s the fun in that?

So maybe you are a control freak, or hiring a wedding planner is out of your budget and so you need to plan everything yourselves. You just have to remember 4 things – the people, the venue, the couple getting married, and of course, food! So really, once you have a venue and guests turning up, the main focus of the event should be the bride and groom….and really great food and drinks to keep everyone entertained.

Seeing that food plays such a central role in a wedding reception, it is important to find a food caterer who has experience in wedding food catering in Singapore. So how do you go about hiring one?

Know what you want

You will come across plenty of food caterers online in Singapore, some would exceed your expectations and many would definitely be disappointing. Before you pick a caterer, you will need to figure out the kind of spread that you want for your wedding. Discuss food preferences with your future spouse and other family members. It will really help when picking a caterer if you have a firm idea of a menu theme that will be perfect for your wedding.

Start off by deciding on a single theme for the wedding. The theme can simply be based off the type of wedding – a traditional wedding based on your culture or a modern contemporary affair. The more adventurous may go for actual themes e.g. a fairy tale wedding, a movie-themed wedding or a theme based on how the couple met.

Once you have a theme, write down some ideas for food items based on that theme that you really want. Now you can start shortlisting food caterers.

Time To Sample

Once you have a shortlist of the best caterers that have the ability to cater to your theme, it is time to do some sampling to make sure they can deliver. All legit caterers allow their clients to have access to sample food, be it mee soto, laksa or satay. Observe how they serve you, the appearance of the food and most importantly, the taste. This will give you a rough idea about how they are going to actually serve guests on the wedding day. Compare the services of each one along with the taste of the food and it will become easier for you to choose the best one.

What Does Your Budget Allow You?

Unless money is not an issue to you, you would want to calculate the number of guests who will attend the ceremony. This will give you a good estimate of the amount of food and drinks you need for the event. Usually, catering can eat up a large part of your finances, and customized menus even more so.

Many good food caterers in Singapore have pre-packaged wedding menu sets that you can select from. There is no shame in this and is usually a great idea if you are on a budget. You can usually get a better deal due to economy of scale and packages from reputable caterers are usually tried and tested food items that go well together and have proven to be a hit.

Consider The Wedding Décor

Caterers are usually the ones who provide table linen, utensil and flower centerpieces. Talk to your caterer about the décor. Check their portfolio online to see their previous work. The dessert table has to be the most decorated table of all. If there is a special request, define your vision to the caterer and tell what kind of décor you are looking for.

Quality of Service Matters

It is the biggest day of your life so you surely cannot compromise on service quality. It is not just the menu, food quality and decor that counts, the customer service is important too. You don’t need someone who does not show up on time or does not serve the guests properly. Singapore is a small place, so it is likely to find a friend who has used a particular caterer before, if not, check online reviews. If it is a caterer nobody has heard of, there will definitely be a risk of them not delivering. Ask if the caterer can offer you VIP tables for family members and special guests.

Remember, great food makes a perfect wedding. Do not compromise on the quality of food and service because that’s what guests will remember the most!

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