A short guide to vegetarian food catering

Who says vegetarians can’t really enjoy the taste of good food? If you are throwing a food party for a bunch of colleagues or clients who are vegetarians, you will still be able to find a whole variety of food options that are both of nutritious and delicious. It is not just plain old stir-fried vegetable dishes in the menu – think mock cold cuts, veggie burgers and even vegetarian lasagne!

When you are catering in Singapore with vegetarian options, there are lots of things to consider be it starters, side dishes, mains, desserts or even drinks.

Types of Vegetarian Options

Singapore being a melting pot of different cultures, especially now, we really need to ask the right questions when preparing vegetarian dishes. A vegetarian meal may mean different things to different cultures and so you will need to take note of what goes into each dish.

Raw Vegetarian Meals
This is probably the safest choice but perhaps the least tasty. Such meals will consist mostly of raw vegetables and fruits and will be suited for those on a raw diet or for vegans who are very picky.


Vegetarian Indian Meals
This might be a good idea if you will have a good number of Indian guests who are vegetarians. These spicy Indian-style meals are usually non-strict – meaning some dairy products may be used. No meat, eggs or seafood though. These can be prepared in either Southern or Northern style.


Vegetarian Indian Jain Meals
You may want to think about this option if you have some Indian guests who are of the Jain religion or who are strictly vegetarian. Dishes here are cooked Indian style and do not contain meat, egg, dairy products, onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms and root vegetables.

Vegan Meals
Western-style vegetarian dishes that do not contain egg, meat, dairy products or any animal products at all.


Chinese Vegetarian Meals
Chinese-style cooked food that do not contain eggs, meat, dairy products, onions and garlic. Chinese vegetarian dishes tend to get a little creative by including mock meats then look like the real deal.



When it comes to appetizers, it is not just the taste and smell of the food that counts, looks count too! Appetizers have to look appetizing right? Vegetarian appetizers, when prepared right, can surprise even non-vegetarians! Here are some ideas:

Salads & Fruits – Start simple with salads, replace meats with tofu and be generous with nuts to give them that extra crunch. Potato salads can be pretty filling or you can also include fruit salad bowls with seasonal fruits. Let your guests start with a clean palate with these healthy choices.

Vegetarian spring rolls – Prepare meat and seafood free versions of either Popiah, Chinese fried spring roll or Vietnamese spring rolls.

Vegetarian Tapas – Vegetarian Samosas, tomato and basil bruschetta, crispy potato skins, Spanish fried cauliflower and grilled eggplants

Indian starters  – vegetable or rice cutlets, Aloo Chaat which is a spicy potato snack, Mini pratas with curries and Masala Vadai

Vegetarian Japanese rolls – You can prepare many varieties of Japanese rice rolls with ingredients like carrots, avocados, tofu, asparagus and mushrooms.


The real essence of any party lies in revealing the main entrée. Depending on your demographic here are some mains ideas for different cultures

Chinese dishes
Nowadays you can practically find vegetarian versions of any popular Chinese main dishes like vegetarian fried Bee Hoon, Hong Kong noodles, Mee Goreng, Olive fried rice and sweet and sour mock meats.

Indian dishes
Nothing titillates the palate more than a flavorful Indian dish, vegetarian or not – no mock meats involved! Some dish ideas are – Toful vindaloo, potato curry, vegetarian korma, Dahl with spinach, Aloo Matar and Aloo Ghobi.

Western and Mexican dishes
Portobello burgers, Vegan Fajitas, Vegetarian lasagne, Vegetarian pastas and pizzas, vegetarian sandwiches. sweet potato burritos and blackbean and corn quesadillas.

The Sweet Stuff

Desserts are an important part of the food catering package that guests look forward to. Choosing a dessert for vegetarians seems actually not hard at all – just take note that the vegetarian items have no meat or seafood items. Take note of dairy in desserts though, since not all vegetarians allow dairy in their diet (definitely no-no for vegans and Jains), so you may have to get vegan versions.

There is a whole list of options such as raspberry sorbet, chocolate tofu brownie, pumpkin tart and pecan crust, vegan cakes, crepes, and even strawberries covered with vegan chocolate.


There is no special restriction on drinks for the vegetarians – but again take note of animal products including dairy. Depending on the type of event, it may be a setting where it is appropriate for guests to have their delicious entrée with a good glass beverage. Some vegans are concerned about the type of drink not on the basis of what it is made of but on the basis of how it is made.

Need Help?

Remember, you should not have to cater to every single type of dietary requirement, do your best and make sure to set the right expectations for your guests so they are able to plan ahead if you are unable to cater to their specific needs.

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