A Tale of Two Holiday Buffets

Are you interested in finding the right holiday buffet menu for a big Christmas party or New Year gathering? Discover two mouth-watering menus available from local Singapore caterer Eatz Catering. After enjoying these holiday feasts, you’ll want to order them again for next year!

A Merry Buffet at an Affordable Price

If you have a big group of guests gathering at your home or at a local venue for Christmas or the New Year, consider ordering the most affordable holiday buffet from Eatz Catering. The buffet includes plenty of food for up to 80 guests, and it is priced at just $11.80 per person, or $12.26 with GST. You’ll receive 11 different menu items and a beverage choice along with ice water. With Eatz Catering, every menu is packed with delicious, high-quality dishes, so you can rest assured that you are getting a real bargain and a tasty holiday dinner at the same time.

Holiday Hot Entrees

As your guests approach the buffet, they will smell the tasty crab meat cake appetizers, with a special dipping sauce on the side. All along the buffet tables, there will be warmers laden with delicacies like golden fish fillet with lemon herb sauce, salmon balls with wasabi mayonnaise, and stir-fried black pepper chicken cubes. Meatless sides include buttered garlic rice with black raisins and stir-fried mixed green vegetables with a trio medley of mushrooms.

Festive Delights and Drinks

The delightful desserts that accompany the savoury buffet include chilled Christmas mango pudding with vanilla flan, a sweet and smooth treat that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. You’ll also receive a lovely platter of assorted Christmas pastries, including chocolate eclairs and delicate cream puffs drizzled with snow-white sugar icing.

For the beverage, select either an assortment of Pokka packet drinks or our special Christmas cranberry punch! Our catering in Singapore also provides plenty of ice water to quench your guests’ thirst.

A Bonus Menu Item for Large Orders

If you need to add guests to your order, you could get an additional complimentary dish! Orders for 120 guests or more receive a free menu item— Italian spaghetti Aglio Olio. This menu item is a bonus, not eligible to exchange for a cash discount.

A Jolly Feast for a Large Gathering

The second holiday buffet menu on the Eatz Catering list is just a little more expensive per person, and it serves 60 people. The price is $13.80 per guest, or $14.77 with GST. The extra indulgence guarantees an even more delightful buffet experience for you and your party guests.

Santa’s Favourite Salad

This menu starts out with a fresh, crisp salad— the kind that Santa might choose when he’s watching his weight after the holidays. The Christmas Classic Caesar Salad includes cherry tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, sliced eggs, Parmesan cheese, and a drizzle of Caesar salad dressing.

Heavenly Hot Entrees

When you order the hot entrees, you’ll need to choose your preferences. For example, the chicken course provides the option of either Cajun marinated grilled chicken or Italian rosemary roast chicken. The stew or soup course includes either our hearty Christmas beef stew or our savoury Hungarian lamb ragout with vegetables. For the fish course, choose either prawns with cereal and butter or golden prawn rolls with Thai chilli dipping sauce. Your buffet order will come with an additional three entrees— salmon balls with wasabi mayonnaise, signature buttered garlic rice with California raisins, and golden fish fillets with lemon herb sauce.

Christmas Puddings and Pastries

To finish the feast, your guests can select from a variety of Christmas puddings. The smooth, decadent chocolate fudge pudding or the mango pudding with vanilla flan are a perfect way to end the holiday meal. For those who do not prefer pudding, there are Christmas cream puffs with sugar icing and Christmas fruit cake. Select either Pokka packet drinks or Christmas cranberry punch as the beverage option for your order.

Don’t wait another minute, because our Singapore catering schedule is filling up fast for the holidays! Contact us at Eatz Catering today to place your order for a full Christmas or New Year buffet.