Accreditation Scheme Planned for Singapore Caterers

When you’re in the business of providing food for large groups of people, it’s about more than just the delicious flavours of the dishes. It’s about providing a safe, trustworthy Singapore catering experience for everyone at the gathering. Because of a recent food poisoning incident, authorities are considering a new accreditation scheme for caterers in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Catering Disaster

During the Chinese New Year, many families have their feasts catered so that the relatives can spend time together rather than cooking for hours. One woman ordered food from Kuisine Catering. After the gathering, more than 20 of the people at the party fell sick; and two of the affected individuals were so ill they had to be sent to the hospital and put on a drip to restore lost fluids.

Another group of over 30 people became ill following a birthday party catered by Kuisine Catering. Multiple other reports of illnesses trickled in, all of them traced back to the buffet spread offered by the same Singapore caterer.

Food Safety Policies

According to one of the patrons of Kuisine Catering, the food she had ordered arrived an hour later than it was supposed to. By then, the dishes were cold. Dishes that include fish, poultry, or meat are time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive; they need to be kept at a certain safe temperature and consumed within a specific period of time, or bacteria could potentially begin to affect the food.

NEA guidelines for caterers demand that all food delivered to clients must carry a time stamp and a “consume by” sign, identifying an expiration time of 4 hours after the food was prepared or cooked. Kuisine Catering not only brought the food late and cold, but failed to include a time stamp on the dishes. The caterer did not offer a “consume by” sign, either.

Consequences for Kuisine Catering

Following the mass food poisonings, Kuisine Catering has been suspended, and reporters looking for a comment found that the shutters were down. Although the catering company earned an NEA “A” grade for years, it appears that it overbooked for the New Year and suffered from the lack of manpower to fill the orders.

Plans for an Accreditation Scheme

Now, the Association of Catering Professionals plans to gather and discuss joint accreditation for Singaporean caterers. The accreditation scheme would put catering companies through a series of checks and examinations. That way, consumers could rest assured that the food the order is from an established business that operates under stringent rules for food safety and quality. Caterers would have additional guidelines for training, dispute resolution, and other aspects of their business.

Not all caterers would be required to participate; typically, the sign-up for accreditation would be voluntary. However, being accredited would be in each caterer’s best interest, since clients will be more likely to hire a trustworthy accredited caterer than an independent one. Since talks have just begun, no additional details are available about the accreditation system.

Eatz Catering Support for Accreditation

As a company dedicated to the health of our customers, we at Eatz Catering fully support this move by the NEA. We recognize that such accreditation benefits everyone, ensuring that customers receive good food that is safe for them to eat.

If you’re looking for a reliable caterer, check out the NEA website, where you’ll find a list of licensees, including food caterers. Here you can see track records and information for each company. As a trusted name in the food business, Eatz Catering appears on this list of licensees. Contact us today to order delicious, safe food for you and your guests at your next event.