Are BBQ Items a Suitable Catering Choice for a Party?

BBQ foods are universally adored. Everyone has at least one favourite kind of barbecue meal – from meat to veggies and even other delicious vegan options. A barbecue, however, is considered more of a casual, comfort food gathering. Thus, some people wonder whether it’s appropriate for all kinds of occasions.

In Singapore, more and more people are turning to a BBQ buffet for a catered event. While the diversity is great and people will enjoy a delicious meal, you’ll first have to ask yourself whether this type of food is a good match to the theme and the nature of the party.

Is BBQ Food Suitable for a Corporate Event?

Corporate events typically feature classic Singapore catering options. The menu may consist of local cuisine, international dishes, pasta or vegan choices. BBQ buffets aren’t considered that often.

BBQ foods are obviously not a suitable choice for a corporate gala. This is an exquisite event that usually comes with an elegant theme. Barbecue foods are typically meant to be eaten by hand. Hence, the casual nature of food consumption is not going to be a good match to the specifics of the occasion. A cocktail reception menu or an international buffet will be much better matched to the theme and the nature of the celebration.

This, however, doesn’t mean that a BBQ buffet is completely unsuitable for all types of corporate events.

Barbecues are great choices for team building occasions. Gathering the entire team to spend some quality time together on a Saturday and have a delicious barbecue will bring people together. The very nature of the event is an ice breaker and the addition of the comfort food will make people feel even more at ease.

Another important thing to consider is that BBQ buffets aren’t created equal.

An experienced chef can quickly elevate the barbecue concept and turn it into a gourmet experience. Hence, you’ll need to take a closer look at the menu and the items it features. Some BBQ-inspired catering choices are so sophisticated that they may even be a good choice for a shareholder meeting or a seminar.

BBQ Buffets Are the Ideal Choice for Casual Events

While the term BBQ buffet is pretty generic, it can mean a lot of things in Singapore.

All types of BBQ catered buffets are suitable for more casual parties. Family gatherings, pre-wedding dinners with friends, anniversaries, reunions – all of these events will be a good match to a BBQ-inspired menu.

If you want to impress your guests and stray away from the traditional choices, you can look for a Singapore catering service provider that’s capable of getting creative with the theme.

An ethnic-inspired barbecue is one example of such a modified buffet. Nonya chicken with curry, fish balls on a skewer, chicken and mutton satay sticks and spicy mackerel fish otah are all examples of Asian-inspired barbecue choices. These will be relevant to the guests attending the party and the flavours will be incredibly enjoyable. You can find all of these meals in the Eatz Catering BBQ buffet catering menus.

One of the most important rules to remember when opting for this kind of food is that BBQs are all about diversity.

You have to make multiple choices available in order to accommodate for the needs and the preferences of all your guests. A number of different proteins like chicken, fish, mutton and prawns will be required. You should also make sure that your BBQ features a sufficient number of vegan options and side dishes – salads, potatoes, BBQ veggies, fried rice, etc.

If you are opting for food catering, make sure that the company you’ve chosen has the supplies and the utensils needed to keep the food fresh and delicious throughout the celebration. Professional food storage options like containers with food warmers will be essential. Some companies also offer BBQ equipment rental, giving you the choice to make delicious meals on your own. If this is the case, it will also be a good idea to have the meat and condiments supplied by the catering company so that you’re free to focus exclusively on the preparation of the food on the grill.

A Few Additional Tips and Suggestions

BBQ gatherings are outdoor events.

Thus, you have to make sure that the weather is suitable for the organisation of such a party. If you’ll be making the BBQ food on your own, you’ll also need to inform the neighbours and get their permission to carry out such activities.

While weather forecasts are pretty reliable, you should always have a plan B.

That could mean renting an indoor venue as a backup plan. While such an emergency solution will cost you additional money, it will give you a chance to carry out the celebration instead of having to cancel on a rainy day.

Before the actual barbecuing of food begins, you will need to make sure as a host that all of your guests are comfortable. Offer refreshments and light snacks that people could nibble on until the main dishes are prepared. Timing is of essence in such events. If you spend too much time getting the barbecue going and grilling the meat, you risk making your guests pretty cranky.

Finally, take enough time to choose the right catering service provider.

Even if you’ll be making the barbecue on your own, you still need fresh ingredients that are properly seasoned and ready to go on the grill – hygiene will be an issue in this case!

Companies like Eatz Catering have extensive experience in the realm of BBQ catering. We have developed an array of thematic and regional menus our clients can choose among. In addition, we offer all of the equipment required to make a BBQ party a great success.

Contact Eatz Catering today to inquire about the possibilities or explore the menu and services sections of the website’s navigation.