As Costs for Wedding Tables Soar, Couples Look Elsewhere

A wedding is about joy, union, and family— but as with most of the special occasions in life, it’s also about food. Traditional Chinese weddings in Singapore end with a sumptuous banquet, often served up in the grand ballroom of a magnificent hotel. Dinners are often 8-10 courses in length, with the finest fare served up to wedding guests.

As you can imagine, that kind of luxurious conclusion to the wedding celebration comes at a high cost for the newlyweds and their families; and news reports by the Straits Times indicate that wedding table prices are beginning to soar even higher.

Pricey Parties

One couple recently hosted a large banquet for 340 guests at W Singapore Sentosa Cove. The cost, including the menu upgrade, was about $200 per guest! Is that price tag making you feel queasy? There’s another statistic which shows that prices at the best hotels in Singapore are nearly $2000 per table of ten.

Is your daughter, son, or intended spouse eager to celebrate the wedding at the Capella Singapore, St. Regis, or Ritz-Carlton Millenia? On a Saturday evening, you’ll pay about $1800-2000 for a table. Hotels like the InterContinental and Shangri-La are only slightly less pricey, in the range of $1500-$1700 for a table of ten.

Rising Rates

And that’s not all. Prices rise steadily every year. Usually, there’s a 5-10% increase the prices annually. That steep incline that makes quite a hole in even the deepest of pockets.

Why the dramatic price increase? The labour market in Singapore is tight, so the labour necessary for these banquets is more expensive. The hotel has to pay the servers, cooks, and other staff more, and they pass those increases on to customers. In addition, food prices are going up, which means that the delectable dishes that wedding parties crave are more expensive per plate. Inflation doesn’t help either. It’s really a vicious cycle.

Stylish Alternatives

So should you be forced to bankrupt yourself for a nice wedding? Of course not. In fact, more couples in Singapore are skipping the over-the-top banquet at a luxury hotel and opting for more budget-friendly options. For examples, you can pick out a less expensive, unique venue and have a food caterer in Singapore serve up a delectable buffet. There can still be fine fare, music, and fun, without the crippling costs of the big hotel banquet. At Eatz Catering, for examples, we supply tasty spreads of all kinds, from casual fare to finely crafted buffet-style feasts that your wedding guests will love. Check out our menu!

Unique Settings

There’s another advantage when you avoid the big hotels. Have you noticed that all the photos from the big hotel ballrooms start to look the same? Why not do something different, with a setting that better represents you and your new spouse as a couple? Try an outdoor garden setting, a colonial bungalow, or some other unique event venue.

Popular Choices

You’re in good company when you switch from the hotel banquet to a less costly, more interesting alternative. According to the experts, about five years ago just 10 per cent of newlyweds skipped the hotel dinner. Today, between 20 and 30 per cent of couples are choosing to go to a restaurant or have their banquet catered. Call Eatz Catering today and we’ll let you know about our broad variety of packages, upgrade options, and other selections that can make your wedding special.

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