Boost Team Morale with Great Food!

Is your team of employees looking weary and worn out? Do they seem less than enthusiastic to be at work? Sometimes, all it takes to re-energise your workforce is something new and special. Treat the entire corporate team to a buffet lunch paid for by the company, and watch as heads lift, eyes brighten, and smiles replace frowns. A delicious lunch and a chance to socialise with each other may be exactly what your team needs to increase morale and productivity.

Corporate Buffet Catering: Menu D

Our Menu D corporate buffet starts off with a classic Caesar salad, a refreshing opener for a delicious meal. Next comes the whole roasted rosemary chicken, alongside Tandoor baked prawns Tikka. For the seafood lovers, we also have golden fish fillets with sweet and sour sauce.

Your guests can enjoy some classic grilled gourmet sausage with mustard; this dish is fine for your Muslim guests as well, since we serve only Halal sausages. Dish up some beef cubes with Italian herbs, and don’t forget to scoop a generous helping of signature fried rice onto your plate!

For dessert, the buffet includes lychee panna cotta, as well as a deluxe platter of premium fresh fruits. Ice water is available, along with your choice of either lemon tea or a refreshing lemon barley drink. Provide this tasty spread to your team, and you’ll notice more smiles, laughter, and energy.

Corporate Buffet Catering: Menu E

If you would like to stay within the range of the Asian flavour palette, try Menu E from our list of available corporate buffets. This particular buffet showcases the freshness and flavours of Thai cuisine, starting with an appetizer of lemongrass Thai fish cakes. The main dishes along the buffet are succulent Thai grilled chicken, Thai Tom Yum prawns with lemongrass, and Thai-style mixed vegetables with young corn.

Also served for this buffet are delicacies such as Dorry fish fillet with royal Thai sauce, as well as stuffed crab. Our pineapple fried rice with chicken floss is the perfect complement to our Thai dishes.
To end the meal on a sweet note, try the mango pudding with vanilla flan and a mint leaf or two. Our Singapore catering service also provides a deluxe premium fresh fruit platter for those guests who might be avoiding sugary desserts.

Beverage options for this buffet menu include iced lemon tea or sweet iced tea. Ice water is always available for Eatz Catering buffets.

Order Your Corporate Buffet Catering in Singapore

Does your team need a morale boost? Place an order today and allow Eatz Catering to treat your hard-working employees and colleagues to a wonderful spread of delicious food. The corporate lunch buffets are priced at just $14.80 per person, or $15.84 with GST. You’ll need to order food for a minimum of 30 people in order to get that price. Order online or contact Eatz Catering directly to receive help with your order.