Canapés and Finger Foods: 7 Delicious Choices for Your Next Party

Finger foods and canapés are an excellent choice for youthful gatherings and parties characterised by interactive elements. If people aren’t just going to be sitting at a table and having a meal, a buffet would be a great choice. The buffet, however, should feature the right foods.

A great Singapore caterer should have at least a few appetizer and finger food options in their menus. If you’re looking for some great ideas for your upcoming party, the following list will come in handy.

Pizzas and Mini Pizzas

Pizza is one of the ultimate finger foods for buffet catering.

There are several reasons why pizzas are so popular.

For a start, who doesn’t love a bit of warm, freshly baked dough with a topping? In addition, pizzas are easy to eat. They’re an excellent choice for casual parties and more youthful gatherings.

Pizzas come in all shapes and sizes. Dozens of variations are possible, which means you’ll be capable of accommodating for the taste of even your pickiest guests.

If you’re looking for a more intriguing pizza option, give the Eatz Catering Mini pizza Tahiti a try. It is available in the Tea Reception Buffet Menu.


All prawn varieties are easy to eat and they offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to the cooking technique or the seasoning.

Prawns can be cooked in butter and served over a canapé, added to a salad or served on a skewer – an even more convenient option.

Depending on the chef’s vision, prawns can also be turned into a high-end appetizer for a more sophisticated crows who are looking for more exclusive catering.

Creamy Italian herb prawns are one such excellent choice that will be appropriate for various kinds of events. From corporate seminars to anniversaries and more youthful gatherings, this is a finger-licking choice you’re not going to regret.

Salmon Roulade with Cream Cheese

Salmon is one of the most universally recognised and versatile fish varieties. It can be used to make a wide array of meals – from appetizers to main courses.

The salmon roulade with cream cheese brings together flavours that have long been established as a classic combination.

This is a somewhat more elevated choice that’s ideal for corporate gatherings. It will please even the finest of palates that are used to premium ingredients and chef-created flavour combinations.

BBQ Chicken Wings

Another classic choice, the chicken wing is a delicious appetizer that will be appropriate in many party scenarios.

The way in which chicken wings are marinated will be determining for the flavour.

The BBQ chicken wing is a classic that will appeal to people regardless of their nationality or cultural background. If you want a safe bet that will quickly become everyone’s favourite, opt for BBQ chicken wings.

Keep in mind, however, that although they are a finger food, chicken wings are a bit more difficult to eat than some of the other entries in the list. Hence, they’re not a suitable choice for more elegant parties or corporate galas.

Finger Sandwiches

The finger sandwich is a type of food that can easily be customised to please the respective crowd. In addition, the selection of the right ingredients can quickly elevate the menu entry and make it suitable for even the finest of gatherings.

You have many choices both in terms of selecting the right bread and the right toppings.

A few combinations have turned classic for parties. Blue cheese and pear or grape is one such combination. The same applies to curried egg salad tea sandwiches and cucumber butter sandwiches.

Eatz Catering features delicious egg mayo and tuna mousse finger sandwiches in the Tea Receptions Menu. This particular selection is an excellent choice for those in need of various finger foods for their event.

Chocolate Brownies and Cupcakes

Brownies and cupcakes are a lovely dessert choice for a buffet that’s comprised predominantly of canapés and finger foods.

Both of these dessert varieties are easy to eat by people who are walking around and engaging with others attending the party.

Both offer a lot of variety when it comes to fillings, frosting and decorations. You can have classic brownies, chocolate and coffee or chocolate and nut combinations. Cupcakes offer even more variety that also extends to their appearance. They can be used to create a theme-relevant, colourful and rich dessert buffet section.

Don’t Forget the Beverages

A signature mocktail created for your event or at the celebration where skilled bartenders personalise the drinks will give the party some extra flair.

Don’t underestimate the importance of properly chosen beverages.

When looking at catering options, many individuals planning a celebration will focus predominantly on the food. Standard beverage choices will then be selected to accompany the buffet menu items. An intriguing drink, however, will take the catering to the next level.

Reputable Singapore catering service providers give their clients access to at least several delicious and refreshing custom beverage options.

Freshly squeezed juices that feature different fruits and veggies are a good choice for a health-conscious crowd.

The same applies to iced tea and fruit punches. These are just a few of the beverages that can be considered to make the drink selection a bit more unusual and much more exciting than the standard picks.

If you are planning a party that will have activities, dancing and guests interacting with each other, finger foods, canapés and custom mocktails will be a great choice. It’s a good idea to come up with at least some concept before you start exploring Singapore catering options.

Take a look at the menus to find out if they come close to what you envision for your party. If you’re happy with the main offers, you can also discuss additional customization with the service provider.

EatZ Catering is known for the wide range of delicious menus and the buffets we create for a wide range of occasions as well as extra services like butlers and table setups. Contact us today to find out more or visit Our Menus section.