Catering for the Perfect Christmas Party in Singapore

The decorations, the nice music and the gifts – all of these elements can contribute to a lovely Christmas party. What does it take, however, to bring the celebration to the next level? What does it take to enjoy the perfect Christmas party this year?

As Singapore catering professionals, we’ve witnessed many a celebration over the course of our careers. Here’s a list of the top things that we believe are required to put together a spectacular Christmas celebration.

The Entertainment

Very often, it’s enough to just bring people together and enjoy each other’s company.

That’s the perfect setup for a family gathering or a small and intimate celebration.

For an office Christmas party or a celebration that involves a bigger number of people, thinking of some entertainment will be a much needed addition to the party.

Having a DJ to play music is the obvious choice but it’s not the only one. Consider the theme and the specific preferences of the people you brought together. Based on these considerations, you can choose an alternative form of entertainment that will be as enjoyable as music.

A live band or carol singers will bring the Christmas spirit to the venue. Other good party entertainment options include having some kind of live activity (alcohol-free cocktail making or a live food station), a stand-up comedy show that’s Christmas-themed or having interactive games organised to help people break the ice and enjoy the time together.

The Food

A Christmas celebration isn’t really a celebration without the right kind of feast. Food plays such an important role in the occasion that you need to have an abundance of choices for people to feel the spirit of the holiday.

You can stick to Christmas classics like the turkey or you could modernise the menu a little bit.

If you don’t have the time to handle the food on your own, catering would be the best choice.

Eatz Catering is a Halal certified catering company in Singapore that has an extensive range of Christmas buffet and Christmas mini buffet choices. These bring together Christmas classics, as well as a couple of other dishes that are definite crowd-pleasers. It’s up to you to pick the menu that you like the most. One thing is certain – your party guests will have plenty of choices, delicious food and refreshing beverages to enjoy throughout the celebration.

Choose an Original Party Theme

We all know what the spirit of Christmas entails.

Because so many people stick to the traditional read of the holiday, however, they feel too afraid to experiment with fun party themes. As a result, many Holiday parties end up looking and feeling like each other.

To make your Holiday celebration special this year, try to come up with a more unusual concept.

There are various themes that remain relevant but that will surprise guests pleasantly.

A movie-inspired Christmas party (think Love Actually, It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone or The Nightmare Before Christmas) will have a brand new direction that’s open to interpretation and that can be a lot of fun to bring to reality.

Other original and inspiring Christmas party themes include a bring your own tradition party for a multi-cultural gathering, a Christmas masquerade, an Après Ski winter wonderland party, a Christmas carol karaoke event or even an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Invite the Right People

A Christmas party is as good as the group of attendees.

Bringing the right people together is probably more important than all of the other party planning essentials.

Take some time to think about the individuals who will mesh well together, who will partake in the planned activities and who’ll have a good time no matter what.

At Christmas, we all want to be surrounded by people that we love and look up to. This is why a good Christmas party has a well-selected group of individuals coming together. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit restrictive in terms of the guest list. In fact, this is one of the prerequisites for party planning success.

Always Do Something Extra

The secret of success hides in doing something on top of all other party planning essentials. Giving the guests a fun extra is the one thing that will take your party up a notch.

Renting a photo booth that people can use to make their own funky Christmas cards is obviously a great choice if you can afford the selection of such a service. Alternatively, just cut out a cardboard frame that’s large enough to fit a person or two (or three) and appoint one of the attendees as the dedicated photographer for the event.

Come up with little party favours that everybody could take home. A small jar of candies, a Christmas sock or a personalised ornament will all do the trick. Party favours are typically ordered or made in bulk, which turns them in an affordable choice for every celebration.

Finally, think of ways to personalise the experience.

If you have a seated arrangement, create nametags for all of the guests. Handing a personalised Christmas card to everyone or doing a small gift exchange could also mean the world to the people who’ll be coming to your party.

Here’s a final tip we have for you – relax.

The best Christmas party is the one that the host enjoys. If you feel good and you’re having an amazing time, guests will feel the Holiday spirit, as well. Enlisting a bit of professional help (like the right catering) will give you some peace of mind and a chance to really enjoy the occasion without feeling all of the party planning stress.