Celebrate Santa’s Visit with a Special Christmas Buffet

Who doesn’t love jolly old Saint Nick? His tradition of giving gifts at Christmas time has brought magic into the lives of millions of children and adults for generations. Celebrate Santa Claus and his spirit of giving with a delicious Christmas mini buffet, specially designed by Eatz Catering. Find out what our Singapore catering team includes in our one-of-a-kind Santa Special Christmas mini buffet.

Santa Claus and His Origins

The story of Santa Claus dates back to the A.D. 300s, when the real Saint Nicholas lived. The Dutch phrase for him, “Sinter Klaas,” was eventually transformed into today’s name “Santa Claus,” although the jolly saint is also known as “Kris Kringle” or “Father Christmas.” The historical saint was known as a generous gift-giver, and his legend has grown and morphed into the mythical scarlet-clad, white-bearded man who brings gifts to good children around the world.

The Myth of the Sleigh and Reindeer

The tradition of the reindeer and sleigh may have its roots in the Germanic god Wodan. Wodan was a prominent figure in the pagan celebration of Yule, a midwinter festival. According to the tales, Wodan was the one who led the Wild Hunt, a troop of supernatural huntsman who would pass through the sky. Viewing the two legends today, there seems to be only a faint connection between the fateful Wild Hunt and the friendly, fanciful reindeer who transport Santa.

The Santa Special Mini Buffet

To celebrate the arrival of Santa with his reindeer and his overflowing sack of gifts, order a Christmas mini buffet named after the old Saint. The buffet starts with a garden tuna macaroni salad, a bit of freshness before guests set in to carve the roasted whole turkey. Cranberry sauce and chestnut stuffing are provided along with the juicy turkey.

Specialty hot entrees include slipper lobsters with black pepper sauce and roasted ribeye beef with garlic potatoes and Hollandaise sauce— a fine holiday treat. To celebrate the worldwide joy of Christmas the Christmas mini buffet includes spicy Peri-peri chicken from Africa, chicken bratwurst from Germany, and seafood pasta Aglio Olio from Italy. Seafood fans will enjoy the grilled salmon fillets with lemon herb sauce and the golden soft-shell crabs with salted egg yolk.

Santa’s Sweets

What would a Christmas mini buffet be without some sweet desserts? Select either assorted premium cheesecake or assorted Christmas cupcakes for your guests to enjoy. Christmas fruit cake with Santa Claus also comes with the buffet.

For beverages, choose apple or orange juice. The Santa Special mini buffet feeds 15 guests at the price of $88, or $522.16 with GST.

Placing an Order with Your Singapore Caterer

Why not make Christmas more magical than ever with a Santa Special mini buffet? To order, contact us at Eatz Catering. Our friendly staff will help you arrange everything for your order. Remember, you can add Christmas side orders, rent furniture or tableware, and take advantage of special discounts on our Promotions page. Surprise your loved ones and friends with a delightful Santa-themed mini buffet, just in time for Christmas.