Celebrate the End of the Week with Executive Bento Sets!

Maybe it feels as if this week is dragging on and on— but the weekend will be here before you know it! Plan ahead and make your last day of work special by ordering a special lunch for you and some colleagues or friends. An executive bento set makes the end of the week more enjoyable as you work towards those much-needed days off.

Pricing for Deluxe Bento Sets

Each deluxe bento set from Eatz Catering is priced at $10.00 per person, or $10.70 with GST. You’ll need to order a minimum of 20 executive bentos in order to get that price. Round up some friends who work in your building, or gather some colleagues from your office to join with you on the order. You’ll reach your 20-person minimum in no time!

Deluxe Bento Menus

Eatz Catering has several menu choices for the deluxe bento sets. Our Menu A includes sweet and sour chicken with trio capsicum, golden prawns with salted egg yolk, Sotong Yu Tiow, garlic fried rice, and French beans with mushrooms. Each food item is tucked into its own compartment of the lunch container. You’ll also receive a delicious serving of dessert— sweet longan with grass jelly.

Our Menu B deluxe bento set comes with a different selection of dishes. You’ll enjoy a helping of curry prawns, some Rendang chicken, a potato cutlet, some Nonya Achar, and Nasi Goreng with Ikan Bilis. Mango beancurd with sweet longan finishes the meal.

Menu C features Thai cuisine, while menu D includes a Fusion Asian theme. Menu E offers a sampling of Japanese dishes. Any of these lunches will leave you well-fed and re-energised for the rest of your day!

Premium Bento Boxed Lunches

Eatz Catering also offers premium bento boxed lunches, which are even more luxurious and delicious than the deluxe sets. You can order these lunches for groups of just 10 people. The lunches are priced at $13.80 apiece, or $14.77 with GST. There are two menu options for Monday, two for Tuesday, and so on throughout the week, so you can treat yourself to a week of premium bentos and enjoy plenty of variety.

Premium Bento Menu Options

For the premium bento lunches on Friday, you have a choice of either Menu A or Menu B. Menu A features Thai basil chicken, fish fillet with honey Tom Yum sauce, Kailan with Shitake mushrooms, lemongrass Thai fish cake, and Thai-style pineapple fried rice with chicken floss. Mango panna cotta comes with the meal.

Menu B showcases some Japanese flavours, including grilled chicken with teriyaki suace, tempura prawns, and Japanese seafood croquettes. Sauteed vegetables, garlic fried rice with seaweed, and mango panna cotta also accompany the meal.

To see the complete listing of menu options for our premium bentos or deluxe bentos for catering in Singapore, visit the Eatz Catering website. If you would like to order deluxe or premium bento boxed lunches, contact Eatz Catering. You can easily order your bento sets online through our convenient system. If you have questions, call us, and we’ll be happy to help you complete the order.