Corporate Seminar Catering: 5 Menu Selection Tips

Corporate events and seminars in Singapore come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very official, while others have a much more laid-back nature. These specifics of the event will be determining for the selection of the right catering menu.

Corporate catering choices abound in Singapore but they’re not created equal. If you’ve never organised such an event in the past, you will need to dedicate enough time to identifying the right foods and the best catering service provider in Singapore.

What Time Is the Event Taking Place?

When it comes to catering, you should first focus on the time of the day when the event will be taking place before menu selection.

Are you scheduling an early morning summit? If so, you will need a good breakfast buffet, as well as beverages and refreshments. A selection like the one featured in Eatz Catering’s American breakfast menu will be well-suited to the needs of the corporate crowd that has come together early in the morning.

Lunch and dinner options are more diversified and you’ll have a wider range of choices to explore before pinpointing the ideal one.

Corporate events and seminars may also take place in the afternoon. In such instances, you should consider serving finger foods, sandwiches, pastries, tea and coffee. Choose a menu like the tea reception buffet.

How Casual?

Next, you will need to determine just how casual or official the corporate event is going to be. Such a consideration will have a massive impact on the foods that will be appropriate to serve.

If you’re hosting a team building event or a New Year’s Eve corporate party, you will be putting together a casual occasion. When it comes to casual corporate catering, there are many choices. A corporate BBQ day will be ideal. The same applies to a fusion Asian buffet or the serving of vegan/low calorie options for the health-conscious crowd.

Official corporate events will necessitate a different approach.

Such events will usually host a medley of guests – clients, shareholders, benefactors, potential corporate partners and employees. These crowds are more exquisite and they’ll have certain expectations in terms of event menu.

Choose premium catered meals. Eatz Catering has an extensive range of premium buffets that will appeal to a more sophisticated crowd and create the right ambiance during the occasion. A classic cocktail buffet is another good choice because it will encourage guests to walk around and to interact with each other.

Think about a Live Station

Adding a live station to the range of catering services for your corporate event could offer a nice change from the typical setup.

Live stations can be appropriate for both strictly official and more casual corporate events. You’ll simply need to choose the right meal that matches the theme of the event.

In the case of live stations, the food doesn’t come pre-prepared and arranged on a buffet table. Instead, there will be a chef making the meals live in front of the event attendees.

Most corporate event organisers opt for a hybrid approach – they feature a buffet menu and one or two live stations. The live station adds an interactive element to the corporate event or seminar. In addition, it keeps people from queuing for long periods of time in front of the buffet table. Guests tend to gather around the live station and watch the chef prepare the food. They will interact and time will pass by much faster this way.

When Are You Holding the Corporate Event?

Some of the best corporate event and seminar menus feature local, seasonal ingredients. Thus, you may also want to consider the time of the year in order to narrow down the options even further.

If you’re not entirely confident about what’s in season right now, consult your Singapore catering service provider. A company rep will advise you about the best menu choices and give you a quick overview about the approach that the chef will adopt towards food preparation.

In case you’re holding an event close to the time of the Chinese New Year celebration, for example, you can opt for a specialised celebratory menu. Certain foods are considered traditional and symbolic. Featuring those during the corporate event will be a pleasant surprise to the guests.

When you host an event in the hot months, you will have to pick lighter meal choices. People are less likely to eat red meat, heavy sauces and large meals. Hence, you should opt for something a bit more refreshing and vegetable-based.

Don’t Forget about Special Needs

Corporate events and seminars are usually attended by a large number of people.

These people have distinctive culinary preferences. While you cannot accommodate for everybody’s taste, you should do your best to accommodate for special health-related culinary needs and that includes meals that are Halal, which eatz Catering is licensed to do.

Having a couple of vegan or vegetarian choices available is always the best way to go. In addition, your event will potentially be attended by people who suffer from food allergies or intolerance. The meals should be labelled correctly to give people a warning about potential hazards. You should also talk to your catering service provider and create a menu featuring several meals free from the most common food allergens and irritants.

A final courtesy to the guests would be to include a few low-calorie, diet options in the menu. There are health conscious individuals, those suffering from metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance or diabetes. Such people will quite often avoid common hearty, fatty or calorie-dense meals.

Seminar catering is very important because it shows attention to detail and respect for the people attending the event. Thus, you should go through all of the important considerations before choosing one menu or the other. A reputable Singapore catering company can guide you through the process and give you a sufficient number of choices. Eatz Catering is one such company that has extensive experience in the field of corporate and seminar food preparation. Contact us today to learn more about our services and menus.