Delicious Food for Foreign Workers during Challenging Times

Social distancing and lockdown measures affected life in Singapore in unprecedented ways. Foreign workers also experienced the weight of the Circuit Breaker as they had to be confided to their dorms throughout the period.

Companies like Eatz Catering stepped up to the new challenges that 2020 brought to the table. As a catering company in Singapore that focuses on the provision of high quality, nutrition meals to foreign workers, we believe in providing access to wholesome nutrition convenient and effortless.

A Warm Meal Away from Home

According to the Ministry of Manpower, the total foreign workforce in Singapore as of the beginning of 2020 is 1.427 million people.

All of these people were confided to their dormitories while business operations shut down as a part of the Circuit Breaker period measures. Even after the loosening of the measures, workers had to go back to dorms immediately after being done with their job for the day.

The Straits Times reported that since the beginning of the lockdown, more than 10 million meals have been served to foreign workers in their dorms. Eatz Catering is proud to be one of the companies that catered to the needs of these hard working professionals.

As per Ministry of State Data, 34 professional catering companies have been employed to address the meal needs of over 200,000 foreign workers in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower also worked hard to organise the process and make sure that warm meals were delivered in a timely manner.

Serving a Wide Range of Nutritional Needs

The EatzCatering Foreign Workers Dormitory Meals service is still readily available. Organising the delivery is very easy – a phone number and an email are available for the submission of orders and their specifics.

The national initiative for the provision of dorm meals to workers has been criticised due to the absence of diversity in terms of meals being offered.

EatzCatering has worked really hard to avoid such issues.

Our offering consists of four separate menus – a Bangladeshi menu, an Indian menu, a Punjabi menu and an Asian menu. It’s a well-known fact that most people prefer the food they’ve grown up with. It gives them a sense of comfort and a bit of warmth and happiness away from home.

As professionals, we are happy to oblige. Our menus carry the distinct flavours and ingredient combinations from the respective region. As a result, they ensure authenticity and a taste of home to give foreign workers much-needed consolation in a very difficult moment.

Here are some of their comments

“We got positive feedback fro the Bangladeshi workers that they find tonight’s dinner really delicious, and they would like to have more of such similar meals in the future! Keep up the good work everyone!!”Hulett Dorm

“Hi, my ambassador feedback that the soups is to their liking and he have also notice positive improvement on the taste”Shaw Lodge

“I got feedback from the Bangladeshi workers saying that they really like dishes prepared by you guys. Keep up the good work.”Seatown Dorm

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