Deluxe International Cuisine Is More Easily Accessible Than You’ve Ever Imagined

Delicious food is an important part of making a small gathering truly outstanding.

While enjoying special events right now is somewhat challenging, it’s still possible to entertain a small group and put together a memorable experience for everyone.

Picking the right Singapore catering service for the occasion depends on multiple factors – the number of guests, culinary and special dietary preferences, budget, whether you need additional services from a professional caterer like and a lot more.

If you’re looking for a truly exquisite selection for your next catered event, the Eatz Catering Deluxe Lacquer Box will be the right choice for you. Here’s why.

Luxurious, Rich Flavours with the Deluxe Lacquer Box

Our Deluxe Lacquer Box menus have been put together to accommodate the needs of groups of up to 10 people. This offering has 8 specially curated authentic menu items that are freshly made to order and prepared using healthier ingredients. These also come with a complimentary acrylic bento set.

We worked on an array of international menus to appeal to all tastes and preferences.

Do you fancy hearty, fresh and skilfully prepared Italian food? If so, the Deluxe Lacquer Box will please you with classic choices like Sicilian grilled chicken steak, spaghetti ala vongole, shrimp and a sweet tiramisu to top it all off.

Or maybe you prefer Chinese flavours? Eatz Catering has you covered. The Chinese Lacquer Box set consists of roasted chicken with garlic chili, Chinese devils fried rice, salted sauce egg prawns and Chinese egg tarts to name some of the entries.

The Deluxe Western Lacquer Box brags some of the most beloved and recognisable comfort foods from the US. From a scrumptious mushroom melt cheese burger to BBQ prawn popcorn and a strawberry short cake, you’ll get the flavours that are satiating, filling and exciting at the same time.

The list of lacquer box entries also includes a Continental Lacquer Box, Peranakan Lacquer Box, Indian Lacquer Box and a Thai menu.

Finally, for all of the health-conscious individuals, we have worked on a menu that brings together lean proteins and other nutritious ingredients. You’ll get to enjoy an herb-crusted salmon with lemon puree main dish, skinless roast chicken, homemade falafel burger, oven-baked root vegetables and a deluxe fresh fruits platter.

Please check out the Lacquer Box menus to acquaint yourself with all the variety and the luxury of flavours.

The Eatz Catering Experience

Eatz Catering has been setting standards and building our reputation in the Singapore catering field ever since 2003.

Ever since, we’ve been working hard on perfecting and diversifying our menus. We have the skills, experience and team to provide impeccable catering for both large events and smaller, everyday gatherings.

Please visit the menu section of our website to learn a bit more about what we have to offer and to finalise your choices. If you need additional assistance or you’d like to ask a question, you can always get in touch with us.