Discovering Fusion Cuisine

Have you ever experienced fusion cuisine? It’s far more complex than simply tossing a variety of ingredients into a pot and seeing what comes out. Discover more about the elements of fusion cooking and how you can enjoy some fusion dishes yourself.

What is Fusion Cuisine?

Fusion cooking is the act of combining certain cooking techniques, traditions, or concepts that are normally separate. When you carefully blend the right recipes or techniques, you can create something new, unique, and wonderful. The fusion of cuisine from different countries or regions has produced some of the world’s most delightful and flavourful dishes.

The Purpose of Fusion Cuisine

Chefs and food lovers like to experiment and invent new dishes. By skilfully fusing dishes from multiple cultural backgrounds, a chef can produce a signature style that is all his own, or produce a special dish that brings him or her extra attention in the culinary world. It’s a way of developing one’s own identity as a chef and offering original, palate-pleasing dishes to diners.

Examples of Fusion Dishes

One instance of fusion cooking is the “taco pizza.” The idea of a pizza originated in Italy, but has since been developed more thoroughly in the United States. With the taco pizza, the pizza toppings are distinctly Mexican, including ingredients like refried beans, salsa, sour cream, and other options. It’s a blending of Italian, American, and Mexican elements.

Another example is Greek-style “fusion sushi,” which incorporates Greek-style rice and grape leaves, encircling capers and spiced ground lamb. It’s an Asian specialty re-imagined with classic Mediterranean flavours.

Levels of Fusion Cuisine

Not all fusion cooking is as bold or obvious as taco pizza and Greek sushi. In some cases, the fusion of the elements is much more subtle and complex. Since many Asian countries use a similar set of spices and ingredients, fusion Asian cooking can be a wonderful path for a chef to explore.

Fusion Asian Dining from a Singapore Caterer

If you’re interested in sampling some fusion cuisine at your next big party, corporate event, or family gathering, contact Eatz Catering. Our chefs are experts at blending the unique flavours of different Asian countries into a magnificent buffet spread. On the Eatz Catering website, you’ll find a selection of Fusion Asian menus, including options for groups of 25, 30, 50, or 70 people.

Fusion Asian Menu Selections

Our option for 25 guests includes a noodle bar featuring traditional Nonya Mee Siam, served with chives, lime, Tahu Pok, hard-boiled egg, sambal, and gravy. Explore the flavours of grilled Tandoori chicken, Korean-style Bulgogi beef, Tempura prawns, Grandma’s Sambal Udong, or other selections from our rich and varied fusion menu. Golden creamy spinach cakes, squid ring with mayo, black pepper fish fillets, and stir-fried garlic broccoli and carrots are just a few of the delicious buffet sides available. To see the complete list of menu options or to place an order, check our Singapore catering website, or call us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.