Do You Need to Have a Live Catered Station at Your Upcoming Event?

Planning a party or a reception is going to be very exciting but confusing at the same time. Picking the right catering Singapore service is obviously the biggest essential in terms of food planning. Once you have identified a reputable company like eatz Catering, however, you’ll have to make a service selection that corresponds to your needs.

Buffet menus are an obvious choice but many reputable Singapore service providers also have live station options available. Very attractive and resulting in the preparation of fresh and delicious food, live stations are a great choice. Do you, however, need one and is a live station the right type of catering service for your upcoming event?

What Is a Live Food Station?

A live food station features a chef doing the work and making a meal while the guests are watching.

This is the main difference between having a live station and a buffet arrangement. The buffet menu food arrives at the venue pre-prepared. It will be arranged in a beautiful way and guests will walk around, picking the items that they’re interested in.

The very nature of the live station results in several great advantages. You’ll have to assess these benefits before choosing between a live station and a standard buffet menu.

A Live Station Is a Point of Interest

If you have many people attending the event without knowing each other, you’ll certainly need an ice breaker to get some communication going.

People tend to gather around a live station and watch the chef perform. While they’re gathered around, the guests will obviously exchange remarks and interact with each other. The live station will create a focal point of interest and a communication hub of sorts.

Live stations are also a good choice for smaller gatherings that will be attended by groups of friends. Watching the food being prepared and interacting with the chef will result in lively conversations and laughter for a great, unforgettable experience.

There Are Many Choices

Reputable Singapore caterers have a wide array of live station choices their clients can select.

Take the Eatz Catering live station offering as an example.

There are traditional choices, international dishes, sweet preparation stations, Indian cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine options.

If you want to, you can have multiple live stations. Guests will walk around the venue and switch from station to station. They’ll observe the dexterity of the chef, experience the food preparation and savour some of the most delicious picks from around the world.

Live stations come in all shapes and sizes. You can have very complex dishes prepared on the spot or you can opt for simpler possibilities that will quickly turn into crowd pleasers.

You Can Have It Both Ways

Typically, party planners will recommend featuring both kinds of catering services.

A buffet table will give the guests quick and immediate access to an array of meals that they’ll enjoy.

At the same time, you can have one or two live stations. These will be much more of an attraction and a social hub. In addition, they’ll give guests access to the freshest possible meal. The food prepared by the chef will quickly become the highlight of the night while the buffet table will offer immediacy and convenience.

A Fun Interactive Element that Keeps Guests from Queuing

Your catering choice should be based on the number of people attending the occasion. If you are planning a large event that will be attended by hundreds of guests, you can easily run into problems.

One of the most common issues is a long queue line at the buffet table.

Live stations can alleviate some of the long lines that will accumulate in front of the buffet. Even if they have to wait some time in order to receive the food, guests will be entertained by the actions of the chef. The interactive element makes everybody slow down a little bit and have fun while a meal is being prepared.

As already mentioned, live stations are also a good choice for a smaller gathering. If your party is being attended by a small number of people, you can ditch the buffet-style catering altogether. Such a choice will give a more innovative and unconventional vibe to your event.

Suitable for All Kinds of Parties

What kind of event will you be hosting?

Are you planning a wedding? A corporate seminar? Are you facing the challenging tasks of organising the most spectacular corporate gala ever? Or maybe you want to give your best friend the perfect birthday celebration?

A live station will be suitable for all of these events. In order to make the catering choice work, you’ll simply have to identify the type of cuisine and the meal that fit right within the party concept. When you work with a Halal catering service provider like Eatz Catering, you’ll be given a huge number of choices. At least a few of those will be a good match.

Live stations offer flexibility and versatility. They encourage guests to walk around the venue. In addition, the chef will ensure everybody has been prepared with fresh, hot and perfectly seasoned food. These are just a few of the obvious reasons why a live station could be a great catering choice or a lovely add-on to a buffet-style service.

To benefit from a good live station in Singapore, you will need to select a catering service provider that has sufficient experience with this type of food preparation. Eatz Catering is one such company. We’ve been giving our clients access to high quality, diversified food stations for some time now. Don’t hesitate to explore our menu or contact us today to have all of your live station catering questions answered.