Planning Catered Events during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Things to Know

As the number of new Covid-19 cases in Singapore remains low, the government has decided to lift some additional restrictions and enable the planning and execution of various types of personal and corporate events.

The latest rules and permitted activities are listed in full detail on the government’s official website.

Needless to say, planning any in-person event right now will depend heavily on contemporary realities and the safety measures reflective of those. If you are considering a catered event to take place in the near future, you’ll need to implement a number of essentials to give guests peace of mind.

Increase of Attendance Caps, In-Person Industry Events Returning

Worship services and weddings are already permissible. The number of attendees was increased to 100 in the beginning of October from the previous cap of 50.

According to Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong, this new increased number of attendees still allows for the effective introduction of social distancing measures at a worship or wedding event.

Further details on worship services are to be released in the days to come. It’s anticipated that the cap will be increased further to 250 attendees, separated in five zones of 50 each (obviously dependent on the size and the layout of the worship location).

Wedding planning and the number of attendees will be dependent on the selected venue and its capacity. The attendee number quoted above does not account for service providers, vendors and other professionals that may be hired for the ceremony.

Venue owners and operators are given the right to impose their own restrictions and limitations on the number of event attendees. These will be dependent on the venue’s capacity and specifics that pertain to ensuring safe social distancing.

In addition, exhibition and conference in-person attendance caps have been changed. As of now, such occasions can be attended by up to 250 people.  The news is exceptionally good in light of the profoundly negative impact that Covid-19 has had on the Singaporean event industry. The field employs more than 34,000 people and it contributes to one per cent of Singapore’s GDP. Business event visitors are also considered high-yield travellers who spend two times more than the average tourist who comes to Singapore.

Safe Event Catering: How to Make It Happen

Apart from ensuring proper social distancing, event organisers will also have to spend some time on food and beverage considerations.

Selecting the right catering service provider and developing hygienic protocols will obviously be of paramount importance.

According to international guidelines, a number of guidelines have to be followed for safe service provision.

For a start, monitoring the health of caterers, chefs and other staff members involved in food preparation and serving will be required.  Surface disinfection and the use of personal safety gear (masks, gloves, protective screens) also rank among the safety essentials in the field.

Caterers will need to put even more emphasis on the four key steps of food safety – clean, separate, cook and chill. In addition, the sanitisation of food preparation equipment and appliances will have to be tightened even further. There are numerous types of disinfectants approved for use within the field of professional food preparation. These should be utilised effectively while food is being prepared, cooked, stored, delivered and served.

Finally, caterers should focus on helping event attendees maintain social distancing and infection control measures. This could be done through the elimination of self-service, the delivery of utensils that are pre-packaged in single-use plastic and using stands or other measures to maintain social distance while people are queuing for food.

Eatz Catering: Your Reliable Partner

Eatz Catering has worked hard to develop a range of services in line with Covid-19 realities. Not only are we following the strictest safety protocols, we are also focusing on reducing vulnerabilities by making food readily available for specific groups of consumers.

Our assurance is the following: we monitor employee health, we maintain stellar hygiene, we use masks and other kinds of protective gear and we also keep track of the latest governmental policies and guidelines pertaining to Covid-19 infection control.

Eatz Catering has been one of the pro-active businesses supplying international workers with food directly to their dorms during the Circuit Breaker period. The foreign workers dormitory meal service is still available and easy to purchase.

As far as event catering goes, we have menus suitable for small family gathering (please check out options like our Deluxe Lacquer Box menu and the Family Set Mini Buffet). Apart from ensuring safety, we are also committed to bringing fresh ingredients and delicious flavours together for an outstanding culinary experience.

Eatz Catering also has the capacity to provide safe, highly professional catering solutions for larger Singapore gatherings.

Our International Buffet menus, for example, start at 30 people and we have both the staff and the know-how to ensure optimal organisation during a larger event.

Please do not hesitate to explore the full range of Eatz Catering menus and rest assured that we’re taking the current situation very seriously. As a result, we have upped all safety measures pertaining to the preparation, cooking, storage, delivery and service of food.

Our world is changing but it’s still possible to enjoy a degree of normalcy amid the new circumstances. If you are planning a catered event in the near future, get in touch with Eatz Catering. You can also conveniently complete your order from our website by picking and choosing the menu entries that are best matched to the specifics of the occasion.