Experience Japanese Culture: Bento Boxed Lunches!

The Japanese love their bento boxed lunches! What could be better than a compact container filled with rice, meat or fish, and vegetables? It’s the perfect solution for lunch, whether you’re at work or at school. Explore some ways that you can enjoy a traditional Japanese bento box for lunch.

Teriyaki Chicken Set

Eatz Catering supplies an entire range of Japanese bentos, all of them very affordable and remarkably delicious. The first option is our Teriyaki Chicken Set, priced at $6.80 per person or $7.28 with GST. Since there is a minimum 20-person order (with a minimum of 10 people per menu set), you’ll need to find some friends or coworkers who would also like to experience a Japanese bento boxed lunch.

The lunch consists of moist, flavourful grilled teriyaki chicken, presented on a bed of lettuce alone with Japanese cucumbers. In one section of the box, there is Japanese coleslaw salad, while another section houses Japanese seafood croquettes. A large helping of steamed white rice accompanies the meal.

Yakiniku Beef Set

Our Yakiniku Beef Set costs $7.50 per person, or $8.03 with GST. Like the teriyaki set, it offers a generous serving of steamed white rice, along with a scoop of Japanese coleslaw and a few Japanese seafood croquettes. The Yakiniku beef itself is served with Japanese cucumbers on a bed of lettuce.

Chicken Katsu Set

Chicken Katsu is a popular Japanese dish consisting of a chicken cutlet, breaded and deep-fried using layers of pepper and salt, flour, egg, and Japanese panko breadcrumbs. It is usually only a couple of centimeters thick, and it comes sliced into strips or cut into bite-sized chunks. Enjoy chicken Katsu for lunch for only $6.80, or $7.38 with GST. Like the other bento sets, this lunch comes with Japanese coleslaw salad, steamed white rice, and Japanese seafood croquettes.

Fish Fillet Teriyaki Set

Many people love teriyaki chicken, but have you ever tried teriyaki fish? In Japan, the classic teriyaki glaze is frequently used to coat tender fillets of white-fleshed fish. Add an ample helping of steamed white rice, a small serving of Japanese coleslaw salad, some cucumbers, and a couple of seafood croquettes, and you have a healthy, delicious lunch that is well worth the price of $6.80 ($7.28 with GST).

Salmon Teriyaki Set

If you prefer the pink flesh of salmon rather than white-fleshed fish, you can opt for our Salmon Teriyaki Set. Salmon is well-known for its unique, tasty flavour as well as for its health benefits. This particular set is priced at $7.80 ($8.35 with GST) per boxed lunch. In the box, the salmon rests on a bed of lettuce, surrounded by cucumbers, Japanese seafood croquettes, Japanese coleslaw salad, and white rice.

Ebi Katsu Set

Traditionally, Ebi Katsu is a sandwich of fried prawns, topped with shredded cabbage and served on a bun. For a lighter, healthier version, our Singapore catering service presents the fried tempura prawns on a bed of lettuce with cucumbers. The standard accompaniment of croquettes, coleslaw, and rice makes the lunch extra delicious. Enjoy this set for $7.50, or $8.03 with GST.)

If you’d like to make your day special, order 20 of these Japanese bento boxed lunches from Eatz Catering. You can place your Singapore catering order online or call our team if you have questions.