Experience Peranakan Buffet From The Best Singapore Catering Service

Are you searching for a mouth-watering traditional delight that will surely surprise your guests? Whether you want to feed a group of business clients, a crowd of colleagues or just a gathering of family members, then you should look no more as Eatz Catering has the best options for you and your visitors. Our Peranakan Buffet catering is a traditional cuisine that is rich in condiments, spices and herbs. Having our Peranakan buffet as the main gathering point for any of your occasion, then compliments will be all you’ll hear throughout the entire event.

The History of Popular Peranakan Cuisine

In the late nineteenth century, Peranakan was a term used to differentiate immigrants who are a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indonesian heritage that settled in Southeast Asia. They blended their traditional cooking methods with ingredient as well as flavours they acquired locally. These came up with an entirely new and surpassing delectable meal. The meal is commonly referred to as Peranakan or Nyonya. Nyonya is a Malaysian word referring to a revered female member of the lineage.

Peranakan Buffet Starters

Our catering company in Singapore will prepare your guest’s roof of the mouth in the most exemplary way before its time to enjoy the rest of the feast. We start with a tasty appetizer of Ngoh Hiang, a homemade seafood comprising of five spice rolls muffled in a delicious bean curd skin and escorted with Thai chilli dip. You can follow-up this starter with an attracting thin rice vermicelli that has been fried to perfection locally known as Nonya Dry Mee Siam. Another appetizer that we also serve with condiments is the Kueh Pie Tee.

Experience Peranakan Buffet catering Singapore nonya dry mee siam

The Main Dishes of Peranakan Buffet

We offer an array of choices of our famous Peranakan dishes for the main course. Whether you are a fan of seafood or a fried rice lover we have options to suite you. You can try the tasty Ayam Masak Buah Keluak or order the Nyonya chicken curry that is normally served with potatoes.

For those who prefer fried rice, then you need to include our trademark Peranakan fried rice with salted fish and bean sprouts. The other option for fried rice lovers is the Sambal Belachan fried rice that can also be included in your delicious spread of buffet. Our Assam fish fillet with pineapples is always a sure way of pleasing your client just as sweet and sour fish does.

If you still haven’t found the food of your choice, we still have more on the list. We have more selections including Nonya Chap Chye which is a wonderful complicated mixture of vegetable stew, Sambal Sotong extracted from fresh squid and bestowed on leaves of bananas as well as the Nonya Fish Otah that is well presented wrapped in banana leaves.

We just can exhaust the list without taking care of sea food lovers. We serve the tasty spicy Sotong and Assam Prawn or Prawn Sambal Petai with pineapples. We also offer barbecued fish Otah presented in banana leaves as well as fish fillets in curry sauce. You can also order mushrooms and broccoli for those vegetable fans as they come in handy as well.

Experience Peranakan Buffet catering Singapore nonya fish otah

Drinks and Desserts to Finish Off

There is no better way to finish off your feast than a reminiscence touch of smooth sweetness. Eatz Catering gives you a list a selection of desserts such as the green been soup, the Burbur Pulut Hitam as well as the assorted Nonya Kueh. You can also decide to have our bite sized desserts such as Kueh Dadar, Kueh lapis, ondeh ondeh and Pulut Inti.

Your feast cannot be completed without indulging your visitors with our selection of special fresh drinks. We serve the aloha fruit punch as well as pink guava juice. These drinks will perfectly quench your visitor’s and guest’s thirst leaving them all ready for yet one helping from the buffet.


We will always be ready to assist you impress your guests by preparing and delivering impeccable meals of your choice and desires. The process of making your order has been simplified to some easy to follow steps. All you need is to contact Eatz Catering Services and reserve the Peranakan Buffet for your next event hosting.


You can be assured of quality services as we provide toothsome dishes that are deliciously tasty, healthy and have been safely prepared for human consumption. Neither the occasion nor the location could hinder us from delivering above expectations. We provide our services at events such as tea reception, wedding catering, corporate seminars all for a well-defined gourmet experience to your event. You can also find more details just a click away by visiting our website.