Expert Tips on Planning a Spectacular Christmas Dinner This Year

Getting together around the Christmas table, sharing a meal, laughing and enjoying the comfort – could the Holiday celebration get any better than that?

A Christmas dinner feast is a traditional part of the Holiday planning. While the dinner provides a lovely opportunity to spend quality time together, preparing for the occasion isn’t always simple.

A Christmas feast is usually rich, abundant and flavourful. When choosing and prepping the right meals, you’ll need to think about the number of attendees, their culinary preferences and even their cultural backgrounds.

To make things easier this year, we’ve put together a list of expert tips for planning the perfect Christmas dinner. As Singapore catering experts with many years of experience, we know what it takes to organise the feast without losing your mind in the process.

Start with the Menu

One of the most time-consuming tasks is actually deciding what you’re going to serve.

Start by determining the menu. When you have this narrowed down, you can move on to the other aspects of Christmas dinner planning.

Sky is the limit when it comes to selecting the right recipes but there are a few popular choices in terms of Christmas menu selection.

A classic Christmas menu features favourites like a delicious roasted turkey, potatoes, veggies, Christmas Swiss rolls and a compulsory cranberry drink. You’ll discover all of these choices in the Eatz Catering Christmas Buffet Menu 2019.

Planning a vegetarian Christmas dinner for your guests is another possibility. There are so many filling and delicious festive veggie options that you’ll actually have a hard time narrowing it down to just a few appetisers, salads and main courses.

Finally, health-conscious individuals can opt for a delicious menu that’s still packed with the right nutritional elements and good ingredients. A roasted chicken, steamed veggies and brown rice as a side dish will all be suitable under the menu. It should also focus on lighter desserts like fruit salad, for example or a chia pudding.

There are also ways to plan a low budget Christmas menu or a last-minute menu that doesn’t necessitate hours of prep work to happen. Think about the biggest challenge you have to address with your feast and use that as the focal point for the menu creation.

Create a Supplies Buying List

Based on the menu items and the number of people who will be attending your Christmas dinner, you can now put together an accurate shopping list.

Your shopping list should include all of the ingredients and the exact quantities. This is the trickiest part – making sure there’s enough food for everyone without producing massive quantities of leftovers.

Following recipes makes it easiest for you to calculate the amounts of ingredients required. Usually, recipes indicate the number of people they’ll serve (usually two or four). Based on this information, you can easily establish the quantities for a single person and multiply by the number of guests.

Your shopping list should also focus on napkins, cutlery, extra glasses and additional plates. This is especially important if you’re going to be hosting a larger party and you’re not confident that you have a large enough matching set.

If possible, do some of the shopping in advance. Plates and glasses, as well as napkins and tablecloths can be acquired earlier. Trying to find everything starting December 20 will have you being a part of the most intense Christmas shopping. Your options will be limited and having to go through the crowds will ensure high stress levels right from the start.

Enlist Some Professional Help

To save yourself from all of the trouble you’ll have to go through on your own, do enlist some professional help.

Many people worry that relying on a catering service is going to be way too expensive but this is a great way to get cost-efficiency and peace of mind at the same time.

Just think about the cost of ingredients, food prep, cutlery, decorations, flowers and gifts. If one of your meals doesn’t work out as planned, the cost of hosting a Christmas dinner will increase even further.

A high quality Singapore catering service gives you a chance for flexibility and personalisation. It’s up to you to determine what meals you want, what the optimal quantities are and if you’ll need additional services like the provision of cutlery, extra tables and chairs.

Instead of going from shop to shop and sweating in the kitchen, you will be free to focus on other aspects of planning the perfect party. The food will arrive on time and you can be confident that you’ll be giving your guests finger licking dishes to sample.

What matters in such instances is knowing what your guests will fancy and choosing the right service provider. Catering services are not created equal, hence you may want to dedicate a bit of time to reputation and menu research.

Eatz Catering has worked hard to create the perfect Christmas menus for you this year. Please check out our Christmas Buffet Menu, the Mini Buffet 2019 and the Christmas Side Orders 2019. You can customise each of these by choosing the quantity and the specific dishes that you’d like to feature in your order.

We do provide several classic, healthy and Asian-cuisine inspired Christmas choices. You can rest assured that at least one of the menus matches your Christmas dinner concept completely.

Don’t hesitate to complete an online order or contact us right now to discuss the specifics of your Christmas dinner and the selection of the right meals.