Food Catering Tips: Catering for a Seminar

It is can be exciting to organize a seminar but you have to be really careful when it comes to ordering food from a catering company in Singapore. you need to ensure the following:

  • You know the dietary needs of every single one attending
  • Cater to various dietary needs as much as is possible and within budget, if not, inform attendees so that they can make separate arrangements.
  • Label food accordingly e.g. Halal / non-Halal , contains nuts etc.

You may not be able to cater to every single person’s needs, but as long as you set the right expectations and ensure food safety, things should go well.

Before you cater for a seminar, it is important to know a few things:

Know Your Guests

What kind of guests are you expecting? Will you have vegans, attendees with halal requirements, or adults with diabetes or allergies? The catering service will not be able to make any decision unless you provide them the necessary information so you will need to know the dietary requirements of the attendees. Take the chance during RSVP to ask for their dietary restrictions.

Long seminars

If the seminar is going to be a lengthy affair (a full day or half-day event), then provide a good hearty main meal either to be served in the middle of the seminar at the end. We have catered to many seminars to know that some tend to be a little boring depending on the subject matter so you may want to consider providing exciting food choices which can actually help keep the spirits of the guests high.

Tea-breaks for short seminars

If the event is a short one then you will not need mains, only small snacks like sandwiches, biscuits, cookies and beverages like coffee, tea and water would be enough. Throw in candy and mints to help them freshen up. To make it a little more special, provide wheat free snacks, fruits and nuts.

Consider seasonal food

If it is an important corporate seminar and you really want to make more exciting for the guests, it would be nice to consider the trendy food or beverage of the season. Why not choose specialty food of a particular area in Singapore. This will delight guests, especially foreign ones.

Menu items should fit the event schedule

Food should always be served at the right schedule:

  • If you are distributing lunch boxes, give them away  at least 30 minutes before the end of the seminar
  • In case you are serving plated meals, it must be served 1.5 hours before the end of the seminar
  • Buffets finish usually within an hour
  • Cocktail receptions last for 1 hour and they are organized before dinner

Presentation counts

Presentation is key. The whole seminar, in fact, should be a reflection of the professionalism and competency of your organisation so attention to details is essential. Yes, the linen and decor, everything should go with the theme of the event and meals served. This way guests will feel assured that they have invested their time wisely by being present. First impressions are important.

Find a catering service in Singapore that has experience in providing meals at events like seminars. An experienced company can help you decide the menu better than anyone else. Explore your choices if you want this event to go wonderfully.