Food Safety Policies to Check When Hiring a Singapore Caterer

The past few years have seen several food poisoning and hygiene issues arising from local food catering service. Since these incidents, event hosts have become more wary about their choice of Singapore caterers. It’s best to ask plenty of questions before hiring Singapore catering, just to be sure that the company’s food safety policies meet or exceed the governmental requirements.

Food Standards in Singapore

Farmers, handlers, and Singapore catering companies are held to very high food safety standards. Thanks to those regulations, Singapore has one of the world’s lowest incidences of food-borne disease outbreaks. However, there are always the occasional exceptions, so it’s a good idea to take precautions. Hire a respect Singapore catering service like Eatz Catering, with high ratings and full compliance with NEA standards.

Grades and Track Records

If you’re interested in confirming the status of Eatz Catering or any other caterer in Singapore, visit the NEA website and check the list of food establishment licensees, which include caterers. You can also search the track records of food stalls, hawker stalls, and restaurants at the NEA website.

Each food service provider is given a grade, as follows:

  • A – a score of 85% or higher
  • B – a score of 70% to 84%
  • C – a score of 50% to 69%
  • D – a score of 40% to 49%

Look for a catering service in Singapore that has an A or B rating, and avoid any with C or D ratings. Eatz Catering holds a good rating with no suspensions, making our services an excellent, safe choice for your next event.

Eatz Catering Food Safety

At Eatz Catering, we take ample precautions to ensure that our food is always delicious, beautiful, and safe to eat. We maintain all dishes at the recommended temperature levels during transport and on our buffets. The food is all completely halal certified, prepared in pristine conditions. Our suppliers prize the cleanliness and quality of their food, and we ensure the same level of care throughout the storage, preparation, transport, serving, and cleanup processes.

To order safe and delicious food for a party or a corporate gathering, contact Eatz Catering directly or order online. If you have additional food safety questions, please call us and we’ll be happy to set your mind at ease.