Get on Your Guests’ Good Side with Spicy Grilled Satay

When you’re hosting an event for a large number of people, you may feel a little stressed out. Thankfully, your Singapore caterer is here to help you achieve success, no matter what your event may be or how many guests will attend. Eatz Catering provides all kinds of delectable food options, both the familiar and the exotic. One of our most popular types of side orders is satay, available in three different options. Add it to an existing buffet order, mix and match it with other sides, or select all three kinds and make it the star of the meal. If your guests haven’t had satay before, they are in for a real treat. If it’s a familiar dish for them, they will love the quality and the perfectly developed flavours of the satay from Eatz Catering.

The Proud History of Satay

Satay or sate is basically chunks of meat, marinated with spices, then placed on skewers and grilled. Satay is especially popular at hawker stalls, where the dozens of skewers roasting at once over charcoal fires produce a lovely, mouthwatering aroma. The dish originated in Java, Indonesia, but it has spread all over Southeast Asia, becoming popular in Thailand, the Philippines, East Timor, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and other countries. It’s a dish that is charming in its simplicity— requiring little effort, yet yielding a lot of delicious flavour.

Three Types of Satay

At Eatz Catering, we offer three different kinds of satay. Our Chicken Satay is tender and delicious, a favourite among children and adults alike. The Beef Satay is juicy and flavourful as well. We also offer Mutton Satay, which you can order on its own or combine with the other types of satay to create variety for your satay-themed event menu.

Condiments for Satay

As is tradition, our satay dishes at Eatz Catering are all served with peanut sauce. We also include condiments such as onions and cucumbers, which provide a refreshing taste and complementary texture along with the grilled meat.

Pricing and Quantity

The satay side orders from our Singapore catering service come in sets of 50 sticks. One stick counts as a single serving for a guest. If you want guests to be able to enjoy more than one helping of satay, or if you have more than 50 guests, you’ll need to double or triple the order. Each set of 50 satay sticks costs $35, or $37.45 with GST.

Halal Catering

If you follow a Halal diet, or if you anticipate Muslim guests at your gathering, you’ll be happy to know that we are a Halal caterer in Singapore. Eatz Catering takes great care to ensure that all our food, dishes, and warmers remain Halal-compliant, perfectly safe for our Muslim clients.

Ordering Satay Sides

To order chicken, mutton, or beef satay for your next event, visit the Eatz Catering website. We have an easy-to-use ordering system so that you can complete the order yourself online, but if you have questions about anything, please feel free to contact us. Our consultants are always glad to help you customise menus, arrange for rental tables and chairs, or assist you in other ways to make your upcoming event a success.