Good Singapore Catering Will Take Your Chinese New Year Party to the Next Level

Are you ready to welcome the Chinese New Year? Are you the one organising the celebratory dinner? If so, you probably feel overwhelmed. A Chinese New Year feast has to be decadent, opulent and symbolic. After all, the date marks a new beginning and it should be marked in the best way possible.

Since making all of the food on your own will be time-consuming and risky (what if you burn the main dish?), choosing a Singapore catering service will make a ton of sense for the occasion.

Eatz Catering has an array of exciting, delicious and high quality Chinese New Year menus you can explore and order online. Since the range of possibilities is so big, you’ll definitely discover at least a couple of options that will address the needs and preferences of all your guests.

Chinese New Year 2020 Buffets from Eatz Catering

The 2020 Chinese New Year buffet menus feature traditional staples and a couple of alternative meal selections each.

We offer menus suitable for anywhere between 30 and 100 guests. You can choose between a tea reception, a traditional buffet and a supreme buffet for your party.

All of our dishes are prepared with healthier oil. Eatz Catering is a Health Promotion Board (HPB) approved caterer, which means that we comply with the HPB healthy catering policies to give our customers access to the best and most wholesome nutritional choices.

In line with these policies, all of the noodle and rice dishes are wholegrain – giving you an amazing taste and a ton of nutritional value at the same time.

This year, you will enjoy a selection of delicious traditional options like stir fry longevity noodles, dumplings, golden prawns, spring rolls, roasted chicken, salmon, BBQ jumbo chicken satay and many others. As far as desserts and beverages go, we have these covered, as well.

When examining each menu option, you can decide which dishes you want and which ones you don’t need (click on the checkmark box of each). When you’re done with the selection, you’ll simply need to click on the Add to Cart button in order to finalise the process.

Mini Buffets and Other Great Chinese New Year Catering Options

If you’re not going to be entertaining such a large group of people, we have you covered. Apart from the standard menus, we have also put together a Chinese New Year 2020 mini buffet selection.

Each of the menus serves 10 to 12 people and you can select anywhere between three traditional and 11 exquisite courses.

The Mini Buffet Supreme Set, for example, is a tremendous way to welcome prosperity and abundance in your life. It consists of finger-licking options like a cold platter, braised fish maw soup, duo roasted meat, locally-sourced golden barramundi with salted egg yolk, wok fried shelled tiger prawns, canton roasted duck bun, teow chew yam paste with ginkgo nuts and a Chinese New Year salted egg tart.

Apart from the main and the mini buffets, we also offer a side orders selection and a Chinese New Year 2020 bento selection.

The side orders serve 10 to 12 people. You can choose between a multitude of classic choices like a premium hot and cold platter set, bbq chicken, baked salmon fillet, a whole oriental roasted duck, braised ee fu noodles, roasted crispy chicken with prawn crackers, red beans soup, teow chew yam paste with coconut milk and ginkgo nuts, baked salted egg tarts, chocolate chip cookies, pineapple tarts and many others.

As far as the beno menus go, there are regular and premium festive choices. Just click on the menu you’re interested in and customise your choice further by adding or removing meals from the list that will appear.

The Perfect Chinese New Year Feast Is Just a Few Clicks Away

If you need some last minute food planning assistance, Eatz Catering’s team will be ready to offer some help.

We will be serving Chinese New Year sets from January 24 to February 8, 2020. More information about the buffer transport charges and the additional conditions can be found at Eatz Catering’s website.

Eatz Catering has a long and well-established reputation as a reliable Singapore halal catering service provider. Whether you are planning a family gathering or a much more extensive event, we have the skills, the equipment and the capacity to offer catering choices matching your needs. All of our dishes are prepared following the strictest culinary standards and we also believe in the importance of a good presentation. These two elements come together to give you delicious choices that look spectacular and add to the overall event ambiance.

As you know already, food plays an important role in the Chinese New Year celebration. It symbolises health, prosperity and family togetherness. Thus, you cannot underestimate the importance of properly prepared and served dishes.

Eatz Catering will also give you access to additional services like a butler service or wait staff to assist guests and prompt them to try out the numerous delicious options. We also have cutlery, tables, chairs and additional equipment available to elevate the party and offer comfort to all of the guests.

You don’t have to sweat every detail of the Chinese New Year celebration. Handling the entire party on your own is a nearly impossible task. Let the professionals help you with one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of getting ready for the celebration. Contact Eatz Catering today or check out the Chinese New Year menus to place your order.