Host a Photo-Worthy Holiday Dinner with the Help of Your Caterer

When you hire a Singapore caterer to handle the food for your holiday party, you have a lot more time to focus on the details of decor, place settings, and table centrepieces. You can browse Pinterest and Instagram to your heart’s content, gathering ideas to make your party as beautiful and photo-ready as possible. Instead of making lists, shopping, preparing, and cooking, use the extra time to make hand-crafted place cards, select choice blooms, or discover new ways to freshen the look of your dining space. Check out these ideas for hosting a memorable event worthy of an Instagram post or two.

Beautiful Plating

What do your dishes look like? A lovely plate or bowl can take delicious food to a whole new level. If you’re not satisfied with your own dishes, purchase new ones for holiday entertaining, or rent some from a local catering company in Singapore. Plates with marbled patterns, scalloped designs, gold rims, or geometric designs are popular in the entertaining scene right now. Skip the disposable plates or tableware and ensure that your cutlery and plates are of the best quality.

Rich Colour

A deep blue tablecloth reminiscent of the winter evening sky, rich red berries sprinkled among deep green foliage, or a riot of colourful vegetables with mixed greens— don’t underestimate the power of colour! Whether you’re creating a table centrepiece, draping the tables in linens, or arranging an hors d’oeuvres plate, use pops of vivid, coordinating colours to create a photo-worthy effect. Use seasonal blooms and lots of beautiful leaves to create a big impact without adding too much to the cost.

Quality Catering

Your Singapore caterer isn’t just there to save you time on food preparation. In fact, a company like Eatz Catering takes pride in serving up food that is beautifully arranged as well as delicious. Before you choose a catering service in Singapore, take a look at the photos that they have posted of their previous events. In the case of Eatz Catering, those photos reveal a dedication to artistry, colour, and presentation that wonderfully complements the tastiness of the food. Be sure to snap a few photos for Instagram before your guests attack the full buffet or mini buffet at your holiday party.


If you have an Instagram account or a Facebook page, you probably know that the Internet loves the combined themes of beauty, diversity, and inclusivity. One of the benefits of choosing a Halal caterer like Eatz Catering is the assurance that any Muslim guests at your party will be able to freely enjoy the food. Many of the dishes available from Eatz Catering are vegetarian; if you’re not sure which ones would work for your vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan friends, call us and we’ll help you find something that everyone can eat. Use hashtags to draw attention to the food diversity at your holiday party!

Easy Ordering

Check out the available menus for Christmas buffets and New Year celebrations! Once you have made your selections, you can order online; and feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or if you need to make a special request for your order.